Tuesday, 27 September 2016

How To Enjoy Time Al Fresco In The Winter

We live on the sea front in East Kent and sometimes its just lovely to sit out in the evening and watch the sea, or even better is to sit outside and watch the thunderstorm over the English channel, they have some amazing storms. Obviously standing out in the rain is not ideal, especially if you have a child. That is why we have been looking at investing in a canopy, we will get an extension to our home but will still be outside.

A canopy will mean we can enjoy the outside view more and more, especially as the wetter weather is going to start setting in. I do think it is good for kids to play out in all weathers, so with the canopy that we are looking at, it means that tilly has a bit of room to ride her bicycle along the whole length of the side of our house without getting wet or too cold. She gets so fed up in the winter when it is too wet for her to go out and I worry about her not getting enough vitamin D. So this to us is the perfect solution.

The 123v patio canopy is designed with translucent roof sheeting, so that it lets in a lot of light whilst keeping out 85% of the harmful UV rays, so even in the hot sun you can safely let your child play out and it won't be harmful if you sit outside under there. It is ideal for when you still want to be in the sun, but need that bit of protection. Even if your garden is not a perfect square or rectangle, they can design it to your shape and taste. This really is a great way to bring an option of out door living to our home and it makes the whole living area look so much bigger, which is important to us because we only live in a 2 bedroomed house, and the extra space will benefit us. 

In the colder weather we can put our laundry out and know that it will blow dry but not get wet - we all know that there is nothing better than laundry drying in that fresh air. In the colder weather you can also enjoy eating out and parties, A canopy is perfect for having a hot tub, because again you can always use it then in all weathers.

The canopies are easy to order, all you need to do is call them on 0800 783 3835 or visit 123v and arrange for a local surveyor to come out and measure everything up for you, discuss the design and then they give you the price. You are in complete control of the project and it will be your ideas the whole way. Soon you could join the thousands of happy customers and have your own canopy fitted by one of the staff from 123v.

*This was a collaborated post with 123v.co.uk

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