Saturday, 3 September 2016

Friends #30bbdaysofgratitude

The post for Sunday's #30bbdaysofgratitude is about friends, as I don't write on the blog on a Sunday I have decided to write it on Saturday night (because I have no life!).

My Friends

Friend (noun)  (PERSON YOU LIKE)
a person who you know well and who you like a lot, but who is usually not a member of your family.

We all have friends, people we can rely on in a crisis, people who make us laugh and cry and people who are there for the best and the worst of times. Friends are the family that you choose. I have so many friends but I have very few very close friends. 

I realised who my friends were last year when my family went through hell and I found out who wasn't a friend. I made new friends through it and friends walked out of my life. It takes a long time to be involved in my life because I don't let new people in. If like people when I first meet them, then I make it known, I am not the type of person who will 'pretend' to like someone. I struggle to let people in to my life because of my trust issues. Some people don't understand how hard it is to let people into my life, especially with all the crap that has gone off. I never know if people really want to be my friend or if they just want to be nosy. Maybe that's part of my bipoar!

I do have some Facebook friends that I have never met before, I met most of them through a PND support group, when I had Tilly I suffered badly and there was no support from my local area. This led me to look online and I met a wonderful group of ladies and I am still friends with them now, just because we have never met in real life - doesn't make them any less of a friend. The same goes for the friends I have met through blogging. 

But once we become friends, you do get an honest and fun friendship from me. A colleague told me a little while ago that she thought I hated her until recently, this horrified me that she thought this. Because we are fab friends now and we have a chuckle when we work together. It is times like this that I have to explain how hard it is to let friends in to my life. 

I am not going to single my friends out in this post because they know who they are and they know that I am there for them just as they are always there for me. Whether they are a friend through facebook or a friend in real life, I count them as a friend and I will protect them will my all. 

Friends are an important part of your life, you need to embrace them. If you are not willing to be honest, protective and helpful, then you are not a proper friend.

                                          #30bbdaysofgratitude challenge

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  1. 100% agree with everything you wrote! Really nice post (as usual)
    And yes the friends online are friends no matter what people say!
    I might never seen them but like you they helped when I needed them...really grateful to have them in my life


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