Friday, 2 September 2016


When I was a child, I used to love going to my Nans house, She was such a loving a cuddly Nan, She loved all of her grandchildren and eventually great grandchildren, But she always seemed to be old! When we are children everyone is old to us, but even as we grew up I still used to view 55 - 60 years old as 'old'. I was so worried about getting old  having false teeth, my hair going grey and frizzy even about having to rethink my home (But this is all sorted with the help of  bathing solutions).

I think we all perceive older people as 'old' and its not until you actually start heading towards that same age, that you actually realise that 55  or 60 is not old these days. Maybe it is because we suddenly realise that we are getting closer to our 60's than we are to our 20's or even 30's. Maybe its because we realise we have so much more to do in life before we officially get 'old'.

As I got older I came to realise that actually I find new things to do, I find different things to do. I went back to college to train to do hairdressing a few years ago and a few of the other students were mature, like me, they were retired and looking for something to do. There was no way that they were going to get caught up in the stigma of getting older. They were determined to #breakbarriers and show that the older generation can do things that the younger generation can too.


In the blogging society, there is an increase of older bloggers, the ones that want to write about their children and grandchildren. They have taken the lessons at the library and learned how to surf the net and now they want to share everything with the world. Blogging gives them a new lease of life and a new circle of friendship. Even I never started a blog until I was 40 years old! And I hope to be blogging well into my 60's and 70's.

With health care improving all the time and the way we live, the older generation are living longer and longer and as they don't seem to be 'old' anymore it means that they still the energy and brains of a person half their age. So why do some people still perceive old people as really old and in capable of doing anything new?

Is it because we have childhood memories of the old grandparents and how gentle we were with them or is it because as we grew up, elderly people never did anything new? society says that older people should retire and do the gardening at 60, But I can tell you that at 60 I will still be partying - probably with my grandchildren, but I will be partying. Getting older is not like it was 30 years ago or even 10 years ago. Getting older is the new young, we all need to embrace this and realise that the older generation are not only cool but they are young in mind and spirit. So we need to break the barriers and break the stigma, encouraging them to learn new skills and get new hobbies.

You can pop over to find out more details of how we can help to break barriers with the Bathroom Solutions and learn more about the campaign they are currently running.

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