Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Meet The Blogger Behind The Blog - Belle Du Brighton

What is your blog called? Belle du Brighton

How long have you been blogging? Since 2011

What is your blog niche? I’d say ‘lifestyle and family’ but it pretty much covers anything as I write about whatever I fancy!

Why do you blog? To keep a scrapbook of our lives, the review products are a lovely bonus but even without them I would continue to blog to keep our memories stored for future viewing!

What made you start blogging? I started as a beauty and fashion blogger because my then fiancé worked so many evenings I used to get bored just reading or watching TV!

How long did you have your blog before you started to tell people that you had it? A few weeks, then I told a couple of friends. My family still don’t really know about it though!

What is the funniest Google search people have used to find your blog? ‘penguins making love’ which is just really really weird!

Who is your most famous Twitter follower? I have no idea actually! Nobody really famous I don’t think

Buffer or Hootsuite? Buffer! The phone app is really easy to use

What is your best blogging achievement? This is a hard one, but I think just the fact that I am still blogging 6 years after starting and that people are still wanting to read what I write!

Have you ever had a fail with a blog post like not noticing a typo? Yes! Thankfully a friend pointed it out quickly, I tend to write drafts on my phone when I am feeding the baby or stuck as a car passenger and often write ‘xxxxxx’ when I need to insert a link later or check a price or name, and I copied the text into a new post and published it without realising the ‘xxxxx’ was still there! Whoops!

Have you ever sent the wrong email to a PR, or misread it and sent the wrong reply? Not anything major, but I have written the word ‘discunt’ more often than I should habe!

Where can the readers find you? All over the place, I’m BelleduBrighton on all social media platforms!

Where's the weirdest place you have blogged from?
 The French alps! Not that weird but very picturesque

Have you ever met any celebrities through your blog? I met Theo Paphitis at the launch of the Brighton ‘Boux Avenue’ underwear store!

Where do you see your blog in 1 years time? Much the same as it is now, but with the kids a year older and hopefully with more ‘us’ content rather than reviews and sponsored posts

Where do you see your blog in 10 years time?
 I’ll probably be back in work full time as my children will be 13 and 11 so at senior school. I’d love to still be working on the blog though of course!

What is the favourite blog post that you have ever written? My children’s birth stories (Athena and Arlo) and a post about why we find it so hard to accept compliments

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