Tuesday, 26 July 2016

School Uniform Name Tags From My Name Label

Tilly is always losing her school uniform, I m grateful for budget school uniforms from supermarkets but sometimes you just don't have the money to keep replacing it. I seem to be forever looking in the schools lost property boxes for some uniform that Tilly has lost. I don't even understand why she has to take all of her jumpers and cardigans off in the first place. If I am honest, I have never bought name labels for Tillys uniform as they seemed to be a nightmare to use when the older kids were little. I would write on them with a biro and iron them into the uniform, for them to start curling at the edges and then come away from the uniform within weeks of washing and the biro to fade away, so I became a 'sharpie' mum and just scribbled her name on her labels.

Names are blurred to protect our identity
That was until I was asked by www.mynamelabel.co.uk to review one of their starter packs for Tilly's uniform. The first thing I noticed was that these are not the same kind of labels that I had to use when the kids were little, these are AWESOME! In the started pack you get plenty of labels to ensure your child will never lose a piece of clothing again. In the pack are

  • 20 big stickers
  • 20 small stickers, 
  • 20 mini stickers, 
  • 3 pairs shoe labels (plus protective overlays), 
  • 1 bag tag, 25 standard iron-on clothing labels  
  • 20 mini iron-on clothing labels (navy blue lettering).
The sticky labels are perfect for books, book bags or book folders, homework books, flasks or beakers, medication .... in fact anything that needs to be identified to your child. The Iron on labels are easy to apply to the uniform with an iron and some tracing paper.

With www.Mynamelabel.co.uk you take absolute control of the design of your child's labels, you could even do this with your child. This also helps your child to identify their possessions at school when they cant quite read yet. They are so easy to order and they literally take minutes to design and order - in fact I designed and ordered them on the way to London on the train whilst I was using my phone. You get to choose the writing that you want to have the name written in and then you choose a picture if you want one added to the name labels. 

So I chose biright pink for Tilly as its one of her favourite colours and I love how vibrant the labels look. Then for her picture, it had to be the hearts because she draws hearts everywhere, So these are really personalised to her and she will love them! I do like the idea of the shoe name labels because in a class of 30 kids, it is inevitable that some of the kids will have the same shoes, so your child can identify their own shoes. Also when the y do P.E, can you imagine all of the plimsolls over the class room? It will be difficult for your child to know which plimsoll belongs to them, because 30 pairs of plimsolls on the classroom floor mst be a nightmare to sort out.

So how did we get on with the name labels?

I do like the variety of sizes of sticky labels, With Tilly having to take her own water bottle to school, it was good to pop the large label on there, she can also use one for her lunch box and book folder. The smallest size was perfect for something like pencils or tubes of sun cream that the kids need with the weather being so hot.  I ironed the white labels on to Tillys uniform and left them over night so she could wear them to school the next day, at the end of the day I popped it in the washing machine to do the 60 degree wash. The labels survived the wash and a tumble dry! Tilly isn't known for being a delicate child and she has really put the labels to the test. You get real value for money and the labels stuck to most surfaces, even when my hands were greasy from applying Tilly's sun cream, the label still stuck to the tube. When you order these, you do have complete control over the design and thats what makes them personal to your child. You can choose an image that is special to them, and that is sure to make them smile everytime they look at it. Tilly will be using the bag name label when we travel Europe this summer - so it will be getting the ultimate test from her.

The labels starter pack are available for £22.00 from www.mynamelabel.co.uk, and the best part is that if you don't have a debit card, you can pay by bank transfer or cheque. Such a refreshing change for a company to offer this payment option. Please do pop over there and take a look.

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