Friday, 29 July 2016

An interview with Laura C Cannon, Author of The Concious Entrepreneur

As part of the blog tour of The Conscious Entrepreneur by Laura C. Cannon, we were offered the chance to interview Laura, also please pop over to read the details of her book and  there is a giveaway to enter for a copy of the book and an Amazon voucher (USA and Canada only)

1. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Knowing that each day is an opportunity for me to create the life I want. Something I talk about in my book is impermanence. The truth is that we don’t know how many days we have on this Earth, and we never know what the next moment may bring. Instead of being afraid of this reality, we can let it exhilarate us and give us a renewed purpose to live each day like it’s our last. I follow a morning ritual that puts what matters most to me first.

2. How do you find work-life balance?
Great question! I talk about this in my book. I actually think work-life balance is a myth for entrepreneurs. I think what is really needed is better work-life integration. We need to understand that as entrepreneurs, our business is literally an extension of ourselves - not this separate thing. If your personal life is not in balance then your work life can’t possibly be in balance. The common denominator is YOU. When we learn to find balance within, that balanced state is reflected back to us in all areas of our life - including our business.

3. Do you have a set schedule, or do you "go with the flow?"
A little of both. There are things we all have to do that require scheduling: dentist appointments, client meetings, picking up kids from daycare; but for the most part I try to be relatively unstructured. I give myself deadlines for projects and then I let the “flow” dictate the best time for action. For example, I had planned to write yesterday, but it was a beautiful day and my toddler looked up at me and said, “Mama, will you come blow bubbles with me and play outside.” I couldn’t resist the urge of my heart to go and play with this precious little girl. The writing will get done, just not when I originally planned. I always trust the flow of life more than I trust my small ideas of what the best schedule is.

4. Whas your best advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business?

Get really clear about why you want to take your passion project and turn it into a business. For example, just because you love to bake cakes doesn’t mean should necessarily open a bakery. Running a profitable bakery requires more than a love of baking - it requires you to run a business. That is something very different than baking, you’re the CEO and the marketing person, and human resources, and inventory control. Sometimes your passion is best kept as just that: your own passion that you pursue for pleasure not for profit. If profit comes, great, but before you decide to make something you love into a business get clear on your “why”. I have a free exercise on my website to help with just that:

5. How do you maintain your spiritual practice and still run your businesses?

I devote a chapter in my book to the concept of “oneness.” For me, I don’t see my spiritual life as separate from my work life. My spiritual practice involves me connecting to the deepest parts of myself. One of the ways I do that for is through meditation. While I do set aside time every day for a formal spiritual practice, it is also infused into everything I do at work. When I am sending an email I am practicing meditation in motion. When I am dealing with clients, I am practicing the values that I cultivate in my spiritual practice: humility, gratitude, integrity, and presence.

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