Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Natural Products From Concept : Skin, Lotions, Oils And Soap

Concept : Skin was built up by Chioma Esther Copeman, a pharmacist with ten years experience within the business. After working with clients everyday and seeing them with so many of them struggle with different prescribed medicines, she decided that she wanted to work with them and find a more natural and balanced product for their skin. so here came Concept:Skin.

She wanted to develop products that were affordable and kind to the skin, as well as being natural and leave the skin feeling soft. They are completely honest about the product and only natural products go into the skin care that they make, leaving you knowing that it is safe for your skin.

I came across the products when I was asked what I use for the psoriasis on my skin and I explained that I had been prescribed Hydraclortizone, but didn't like to use it because it thins the skin and will create more problems for the future. I can use some products that are safe and comfortable for my skin, but I do struggle to find something that doesn't burn. Recently I was given some products to try out on my skin and offer my honest opinion.

The My Time bath oil is perfect for the end of the day, when you are stressed and you simply need to unwind. Just pop a few drops into your warm bath and sit back and relax. I like bath oils because they rejuvenate the skin tissue, and it has long been believed that bath oils build stronger immunity to viral and bacterial infections, and skin conditions. they also improve blood circulation and they also reduce joint stiffness. Bath oils keep your skin looking supple and give you a kind of glow too, so it is amazing how much goodness you get in this little oil. The bath oil has ingredients of Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis, which is an almond tree and there for perfect for this bath oil. Postegemon cablin (patchoulli) which is a natural antiseptic, anti depressant and a natural deodorant. This is £5.00 for for a 50 Ml bottle and you only need a little bit at a time.

Concept : Skin Soaps are a good price at £3.00, but what do you get for your £3.00? You get a handmade soap that has a transparent glycerin base, and it is SLS, Paraben, Petroleum product free and contains NO Animal Products, so it makes this product perfect for vegetarians. The soaps look beautiful with the actual ingredients in the soap, when you use the soap in the bath, some of the flowers fall into the water creating an even more relaxing atmosphere. The soaps are gentle on oyur skin and each soap has a blend of essential oils, You have the Ylang Ylang and lavander to make you feel relaxed and sexy, you have a unique blend of rose absolute and rosewood essential oils that will make you feel positively lady like and fresh. Rose has so many benefits like anti bacterial, it is moisturising and it is relaxing - just to name a few. You have the Oranges! soap, this is the most fun one because it is is reviving and refreshing and you have a slice of orange on the top of the soap. The orange works really well with the cinnamon leaf essential oil. We all know about the benefits of vitamin C, and this would make such a perfect little stocking filler for someone at Christmas.

For skincare, Concept : skin offer you a range of skin lotions. These are all sensitive enough to use on your face and I know this from experience because I use the Girl on my face. With the sweet orange, geranium and chamomile roman essential oils, it is gentle and it calms your skin down, this is why it is perfect for young girls, because they have such sensitive skin as a teenager  (I must point out that I am 42!!). This is my favourite of all of the lotions and it is thick to use, but soaks into your skin really well without leaving a sticky residue. It is easy to use on the go and this will be included in my trip around Europe this summer as the 50 ML bottle is so handy. The Woman has essential oils of patchouli and palmarosa which  gives a good combination of sensuality, rejuvanation and empowerment. It smells great and it has hydrating properties so it is perfect for the lady in her late 20's as she starts to feel her skin changing and dehydrating. Lady is for the older lady, it is crammed with grapefruit, rosewood, and palma rosa essential oils makes you feel brighter and rejuvenated. The ingredients are anti bacterial, anti septic and the grapefruit with refresh your skin, helping it to glow, because as we get older our skin starts to get a little bit dull and these ingredients help it to glow that little bit more. All of these are available at £5.00 for 50 MLS and they feel silky and all soak into your skin without feeling greasy. 

You can find these lovely products at http://www.conceptskin.co.uk/

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