Thursday, 23 June 2016

Dreamland Is A Year Old, Happy Birthday Dreamland!

At the weekend we were invited along by Dreamland in Margate to help them to celebrate their first birthday. we weren't the only ones who decided to go there this weekend, another 14,000 decided that as it was a good weekend they would come too. This was double the amount of people that had been expected and it helps to show that they really do have a good summer coming up. They have recently decided to get rid of the entry tickets and instead they now sell wrist bands for unlimited rides and entry to the park is free.

I am not a big ride person and it now means that I can buy Tilly a wrist band and I just need a few tokens to go on the one or two rides that I like with Tilly. This is so much better for parents on a budget and it makes the summer for affordable. Free entry is definitely the way forward. You can buy tokens if you only want to go on one ride or two and the tokens are £1.

We had a great time and if you buy a wristband in advance they cost as little as £8, or you can buy an access all areas wrist band for as little as £12. With you get into the roller disco and Octopus Garden too. In my honest opinion, this is the way forward and I wish Dreamland all the best for the coming summer.

We went to Dreamland with the guys from and  we arrived about 11am, giving us a full day there. You cannot take food into Dreamland now and you will get your bags checked on the way in, but that is normal these days when you go to any attraction. The staff were all interacting with the customers in Dreamland and ensured that everyone was having a great time. Tilly has been waiting for a ghost train since Dreamland opened, now they have one and she was thrilled to go on it. She is still a bit small to go on quite a few of the rides herself, but she is only 6 years old and she is a bit of an Adrenalin junkie, other 6 year old's are quite happy going on the smaller rides. We were thrilled to see the Caterpillar roller coaster back in the park, it was one of Tilly's favourite rides last summer,

This summer, make sure you take a visit to Dreamland, It is easy to get to from London, you can either go from St Pancras or London Charing Cross, just pop over to, they will help you buy the right tickets and get the best price. When you arrive in Margate, you will find yourself inside Dreamland within a 5 minutes.

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