Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Nu Colour Curling Mascara Black From Nu Skin

When you do your make up for a night out, its the eyes that makes the biggest impact, It is the eyes that will draw attention to you and that is why you should spend the most amount of time of preparation on your eyes.
It is important that you buy a decent mascara for the full WOW effect, and although you can get away with budget cosmetics on your face, it is better to go quality with the eyes. In a mascara I like a proper bristle brush, I can't be faffing about with a rubber or plastic brush or even worse a mascara comb. In order to get that length and volume you need a bristle brush. Sadly I wasn't blessed with amazing eyelashes, infact they are very light and thin, but then I was sent Nu Colour Curling Mascara Black to try out and give an honest review, so here is how we got on.

A bristle wand is so much better for adding volume and the curved brush on the wand will actually lift and curl the lashes so much better than a straight brush will do. It is so easy to apply by taking the curved wand over the lashes from the top side. For a maximum curling effect, apply it against the natural curve of your eyelash. Bristle mascara wands work so much better if you wear false lashes too.
One eye with mascara and one eye without

Mascara on both eyes
This brush isn't too curved like other brushes on the market and when you apply it, it separates your lashes meaning that it doesn't clump. When you use this brush to apply the mascara, because of the way it is curved slightly and the position of the bristles, you will cover all of your brushes, giving you the maximum WOW effect. This mascara is available from Nuskin.com for £24.04.

When you remove your make up, Why not try Creamy Cleansing Lotion from Nu Skin, it is perfect for normal to dry skin and as I have dry skin due to psoriasis it actually works really well. The lotion is slightly perfumed and smells pleasant.The natural moisture barrier of your skin is not disrupted because the lotion contains Soy lipids, it soothes your skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. It is a perfect start to your cleansing regime and it can be used morning and night to give your face a really good cleanse.

After you have used the Creamy Cleansing Lotion, then use the Ph Balance toner. The toner contains Strawberry extract vitamin C, both of these will soothe your skin and add some protection ready for the day ahead. I did have trouble getting the hygenic seal off the top of the bottle in order to use it so I had to completely pull the top of the bottle dispenser off in order to use it. Once I had applied it, It made me tingle for a little while but once that subsided it was fine to be on my skin and again it made my skin feel smooth and fresh. This toner is a great base once it has balanced your PH out and is ready for you to apply your moisturiser.

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