Wednesday, 13 April 2016

How To Be An Amazon Reviewer With AMZ Reviews

Recently I have been reviewing quite a lot for Amazon and I do it through a website called AMZ Reviews. I have had friends asking me how to do it, so I thought I would write this post as a guide.

Firstly you need to go to and set up an account. click the 'join today' button and fill out your details to set up an account.

Before you can request items, You will need to fill out the form that is in Account section of AMZ. You will need to link your amazon profile (, you do this on Amazon  by clicking on the part that will say (Your own names) Amazon. For example mine will say Tillys Mummy's Amazon, and in the address bar will be your profile URL. Copy and paste it into the box in your AMZ account

Once you have moved your URL over to the AMZ account, you can start requesting items, this is easy to do as you just click the 'Go shopping' button. Not everything will be free, some of it will be at a greatly reduced cost and some of it will be the same as the normal price of the Amazon product. So you really need to check the item out on Amazon before you actually accept it.

When you first apply to review products with amazon, you will only be allowed to accept one code, but after you successfully upload your review you will be upgraded and allowed to accept 20 reviews at a time.

When you have reviewed the product you cut the review URL from your Amazon profile and paste it into AMZ Reviews. This is done by clicking the 'I have reviewed this button' and you drop your review into the box. Then your review count goes up by one and it disappears from your dashboard so you can choose more reviews.

This isn't a way of getting free things, because you are working for them and sometimes you spend more time reviewing them and writing about them than the product is worth. But if you are happy to do that then its fine. I do however have a few tips for you all, Especially as I been doing this for a few weeks and have made mistakes.

  1. Do not copy and paste reviews from other reviewers. You will get caught and lose your Amazon account!
  2. Don't post reveiws from the same company over and over again, some companies will approve you for about 6 items but your reviews will be seen as favouring the company and that you have a 'special relationship' with them. So although it is tempting to apply for loads from the same company -don't do it.
  3. Always write your reviews over 250 words, mine averages at 320 -350 words per review. It takes longer to do but the companies checking your account will see how long your reviews are and they are more likely to choose you if you write long reviews.
  4. Make sure you review the product properly. Time and time again I see reviews being put on Amazon on the same day that people receive the product, Don't do this as Amazon will reject your review as they know it hasn't been reviewed properly.
  5. You get 2 weeks to review your product, this is no way near enough time to review in, so you need to wait at least a month for full affects. Products like face or body creams and serums or vitamins all take longer than the review time, so always leave that long to get the product properly tried and tested. 
  6. Never sell the products, this will get you removed from AMZ and Amazon, so it is not here for you to make a quick buck. If you see any products being sold, you can report them to AMZ.
  7. Always write the review, if you don't write your reviews you won't be offered other products. Its as simple as that!
  8. Sometimes the prices change so something might be free when you apply for it, but when you are accepted it could be £12.99. Always check prices before you accept a review.
  9. You don't get accepted to review everything you apply for, you will see DECLINED written in red writing. Don't be disheartened, it happens to me all the time! just move on and choose other thing. You can apply for as many items as you wish but will only be approved for a small percentage so its okay to have 100 products on your dashboard waiting for approval.
  10. Be honest - a customer wants an honest review from you, they may be laying out a lot of money on a product and if you give it five stars, but it arrives at her house and is a one star product, they will know you were not honest and people will not trust your reviews again. You could receive dislikes which affect your Amazon scoring and then you are less likely to be chosen again in the future. Do not feel obliged to leave a 5 star review, just because someone sent you a 'freebie'! (Tracey - AMZ Reviewer)
  11. Avoid the 50% off but with postage that takes 6 weeks or more. They will disappear from your dashboard and you get a Mark against your AMZ account for not reviewing. (Jules - AMZ Reviewer)
  12. Google things before trying like the weird "vitamins or dietary supplements" because some might not be what you think. If you take vitamins and supplements that you don't need you could be doing harm to your body. (Jules - AMZ Reviewer)
  13. Splash out on Amazon Prime, It is £79 a year but you can join up with another reviewer that you trust and only pay £40 each. This is called Amazon households and more details can be found online. 

Now all you need is just go and have fun, If you have any problems there is a help section on the AMZ Review site to help you along the way

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