Friday, 1 April 2016

Chocolate Making with Farfetch and Cocoa Box

So Easter has been and gone now, so it really is officially spring now and that means that we need to get ourselves spring/summer ready for 2016. This is easily done when you have the help of Farfetch, who bring you 400 boutiques on one website. You will find clothes from all the best luxury fashion boutiques, based all over the world. Yes you really could be buying an affordable outfit from Gucci, Michael Kors or D & G. were founded 8 years ago and have grown in strength since then, with offices in London,. New York, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and Porto. Farfetch showcase over 1000 labels and they are dedicated in working alongside independent fashion boutiques. More recently they have launched the kids range on the website too

So to celebrate the new season we were invited to the Farfetch offices with the guys from The Cocoa Box to make some exciting chocolates for Easter.

We were welcomed with chocolate martinis and then we were shown how to make truffles, its so easy to do that you can make it at home. First of all we were invited to taste several bits of chocolate, so we could distinguish cheap chocolate and expensive chocolate. Then we got down to the fun part of the evening and we made our chocolate truffles.

We took some melted chocolate 2 cups full and a cup full of some double cream (whipping cream works just as well) and you pour the cream into the chocolate and stir (gently, but like crazy) until it becomes stiff.

Then you pop the stiff mixture into a piping bag and squeeze it out onto a sheet of baking paper (this way it won't stick to the surface). When you pipe it out, pipe it into lines. It doesn't look attractive, but the end result will do. The chocolate will also start to melt when your handling it with the piping bag, so you need to do it quite fast. Once you have finished piping, the chocolate needs to dry and harden again, it won't work if the chocolate is too wet.

Then cut the chocolate logs in to halves and roll them into balls that arebite size, it doesn't matter if they are not perfectly round shapes, afterall they are bespoke chocolates and each one will be different. when you have rolled them into the ball, you can cover them in the sprinkles or cocoa powder that you have set aside. We even had some strawberry sprinkles too. Once they are finished, pop them into bags with some ribbon and you can give them as gifts.

Have you ever made your own chocolates?

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