Monday, 14 March 2016

NKD Tanning Mousse And Daily Moisturiser Review #SDInsiders

When I received my latest hamper for Superdrug Insiders I got all excited as it came in a cute pink box, but as I opened the box I was horrified! It was full of fake tan products and I am a bit rubbish at putting fake tan on, basically I fail at it.

I have psoriasis too and when I use fake tan, it really empasises my skin problems. But I was actually so so wrong! you see I am in love with NKD fake tan products.

NKD Tinted Tan Mousse

I was going out at the weekend and looked in the mirror and I looked just like the original english rose. I was pale and as I had a short dress I wanted to have a bit of colour. I had a bath and exfoliated with a good shower scrub. then after I was dry, I started on my legs and worked my way up my body. When you apply it, you need to use a tanning mitt (I used the NKD one and it has a plastic inside, so the tan doesn't leak onto your hands.) and apply the tan in circular motions. I was using this before I went out, a rather brave decision I think, but I was happy with the finished result. When you apply the tan, it looks quite light but it will turn into a deeper colour as time goes on, so I suggest that you only put one layer on your skin. I have used cheaper tans in the past and I have hated them, I found that I was using too much and I was ending up looking like an Ommpa Loompah. But I actually do love this NKD Tanning Mousse! When you apply it to your elbows, knee's and hands you should remember that they are a little bit dry and rough, so apply less of the tan and also wipe the area over with a slightly damp cloth so the tan is diluted a little bit. This means you shouldn't end up with patchy knees. This is £14.99 at Superdrug

NKD Skin Daily Moisturiser

This is a moisturiser with a tan to give you a sunkissed and stunning look over the winter months. You apply it the same way as you do the NKD medium tanning mousse and make sure you exfoliate. You should start to notice a difference within 4 to 8 hours when a subtle glow appears on your skin. This is designed for all skin types and it contains no tanning smell like other tanning products, so you can apply it just before a big event or day out. You can wear it with confidence that nobody will notice you have recently tanned. It contains aloe vera, so it is a cooling moisturiser and very good for your skin. It does claim on the package that it doesn't transfer, and it doesnt! but as you apply it, it is white and blends into your skin so you cant see where you have applied and where you havent. This is available for £10.00 from Superdrug

I preferred the NKD Tanning mousse to the daily moisturiser as I could see where I was applying the mousse to, it coloured my skin instantly BUT if you wash your hands, it does wash some of the tan away leaving streaks.

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