Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Eliminies By Greenuvite For Cleaning Inside Your Body

 I thought it would be good to try Tilly on these Eliminies By Greenuvite because kids do come home from school with parasitic illnesses that they have caught from friends whilst playing or from using school toilets and not bothering to wash their hands because they are in such a rush to go and play. My little girl has also suffered from eczema so this should help to clear that up too.

So I thought we were the perfect people to try these. The tablets come in a big white tub that is not child proof but it is sealed for your confidence that they haven't been tampered with on the journey to you. Once you undo the seal, there is cotton wool in the tub, this helps to ensure that the tablets don't shake when they are on route to you, so you can be assured that your delivery is confidential.

The tablets are chewable, but I had expected a jelly type tablet for her to eat. They are also a light green colour, not a bright colour that would encourage children to take them. They have a strange smell to them in the pot but I gave one to my daughter and she was happy to take it. I took some too and although they did smell strange in the pot, they actually tasted okay but were very powdery when you chew them.

There are 80 tablets in a pot and for my childs age, it says to take 3 a day. So there are just under a months worth which is odd as it says to take the tablets for a month. for children over 8, you take 4 a day meaning there is only enough for 20 days. The tablets are sold as fruit flavoured but they really don't taste of fruit that much at all.

I am not sure that I would buy these again because of the cost and how powdery they are when you try to chew them.

I was sent this product for the purpose of review and all opinions are my own and were not influenced by anyone else.

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