Thursday, 25 February 2016

#SDInsiders Winter Healthy Hamper Part 1

This months #SDInsiders parcel was a healthy one to get you back on track after Christmas and to help you keep well in the winter months. We received the following products to try out and leave our honest opinions.

The first product was Beauty Sweeties , a pack of fun looking jelly bears that contain co enzymes and collagen to help improve your skin.  At first look, these look fun and if they improve your skin then its a bonus. But taking a closer look, there are no instructions for using them. I really am not sure if your supposed to eat one a day or can you eat a couple? To be honest, I am not sure what they are! Are they sweets or vitamins? they contain co enzyme Q10, so it would suggest vitamins, yet they are marketed as sweets.

They are pure and natural, they contain no artificial colours and flavours, no gluten,no preservatives and no fat, so they won't interfere in any dieting. With 20% fruit juice and 6% fruit pieces, they are tasty to eat and I felt not too chewy. They are fun in the teddy bear shapes, but they are almost child like too and I felt like a child eating one a day. I didn't notice any difference in them, but then maybe I wasn't using them properly, due to the lack of instructions.

The next product was Comfort Insoles, we have actually used these for many years because I am a big believer of Superdrug own brands. You get the packet of insoles and cut them to the right size. They are double layered and the bottom layer absorbs the shock of walking and the top layer is built for the comfort of your foot. They are so easy to use and you simply cut them to size, there is a mans sizing guide and a ladies sizing guide so you get the correct size and shape for your shoe. They are comfortable to wear and they are washable which is a bit of a bonus because if they do get a bit whiffy, you simply hand wash them and leave them to dry. As I work for Superdrug, I actually always recommend these all the time instead of other leading brands because if the customer doesn't like them they can return them for 100% of their money back.

Another  product to try was the 5:2 Skinny Latte. The Lighter life products are exclusive to Superdrug and the ready made milkshakes are handy if you are on the go. The diet works on the idea of you eating what ever you want for five days and then for two days, you fast on a limited amount of calories. The Lighter Life have quite a good range of products and you can choose from meals to shakes.if you are following the LighterLife fast plan it will ensure you will get 100% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals on the days that you fast and it contains plenty of protein and fibre.

I didn't really like the milkshake as I didn't think it filled me up! I am a person who likes to actually eat though and didn't feel like I had a meal. It doesn't taste too much of coffee, so i was pleased about that as I am not a coffee lover. It comes in a screw top bottle so you don't have to drink it all in one go. It wasn't very thick, so that could be why I didn't feel very filled up. But at £2.49 it makes for a cheap lunch, and at the moment they are in store and online for £1.66.

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