Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Natural Deodorants From PitRok

I often write about how sensitive skin is the bane of my life, I seem to have been on a life long journey to find products that won't irritate my skin. I was introduced to PitRok at a blogging conference back at the end of November and I converted to using their Deodorant, you see PitRok is perfect for sensitive skin, due to it containing only natural ingredients like Grapefruit seed and Aloe Vera instead of the harsh chemicals that some deodorants can contain. Some deodorants contain chemicals that actually stop us sweating naturally and this can cause under arm irritation and that awful redness under your arm pits. Its painful and uncomfortable.

So why is PtiRock different?

Because they are full of the natural ingredients, and the fact that the product isn't tested on animals the products are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. This is perfect for our house hold as Kim is a vegetarian. Some of the deodorants are fragrance free, which again is better for people who have sensitive skin and for people with perfume allergies.

Because they are full, of natural products the deodorants wont block your pores, leaving your skin to breathe. We all know that blocked pores will lead to irritation. Just imagine if you had block skin on your body, it causes irritation and spots, so if you have blocked pores on a more sensitive part of your body like under your arms, then it is going to be painful.

How did we find PitRok?

At first I was a bit dubious because the PitRok Crystal comes in a plastic spray bottle rather than an aerosol can and when I have used these products before, the spray has seemed to come out very wet and it takes forever to dry. But with the PitRok Crystal, it dried within about 30 seconds of being sprayed under my arms. It is fragrance free, which I prefer in a product as I find some fragranced products can give me a headache. The bottle is a good size 100mls and when you take the lid off, there is another smaller lid on the product. This secures the spray bottle even more, meaning you don't get spillage.

Kim was given the PitRok Berry Burst Roll-on, this is a 50ml bottle and perfect for her to pop into her work bag, as she is a carer and often works long hours and it is an energetic job. Even though it is Berry burst, the smell actually isn't too sweet. Again it seemed to dry within seconds of being applied and this deodorant feels light to wear, Some roll-on's are quite heavy and really fragranced, this could be off putting.

A small selection of the PitRok products can be found at Superdrug, so next time you pop in store go and see for yourself.

These products were given to me for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own.

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