Thursday, 4 February 2016

My Child Has Lost Her School Shoes...... Off To Brantano, It Is Then!

How can my child lose her school shoes?? Seriously is it that hard to put shoes away somewhere safe until you need them again?
So Little Miss has lost her Clark's shoes, You may remember I wrote an open letter to Clark's about how wonderful their customer service was, when we returned a pair of shoes as they were damaged. So we really are having a spot of bad luck when it comes to shoes, because now these shoes are missing. I would pick up a pair from my local Shoe Zone, but as they are pulling out of town and we will soon be expected to order online, I am refusing to shop there out of principle.

No matter how much I explain to her that she cannot wear her pink sparkly party shoes to school, she will try EVERY morning! So I tried getting her to wear her plimsolls to school - that worked for about a day, until it rained on the way to school one day and she jumped in a puddle along the way! Horrified doesn't even start to cover how I felt at that moment, here I was taking my child to school with soaking wet plimsolls, socks and trousers. Mother of the day award definitely went to me that day! Then we tried her wearing brown boots, that she has whilst I quickly scribbled in her contact book about not affording shoes until after half term ........ I am secretly hoping they will turn up by then.

We have searched the lost property box at school and so have the teachers, but to no avail. So I feel I will be buying her some more shoes that will last her until the summer, but being on a budget, they need to be a good price.

I work in another town and they have a Brantano there! this is like a whole new world of school shoes, bags and boots. The shop is HUGE and it is like Shoe heaven every time I walk in there. They have so many different quality brands to offer you and your whole family at affordable prices. Another reason I like to go to Brantano is because we can order online and get next day delivery if we need shoes in a rush. And If they don't fit, we can then take them back to the store for a refund. So Tomorrow my search for shoes extends to Folkestone and hopefully I will return home with a pair of affordable, Black shoes ........ She couldn't lose her shoes when the after Christmas sales were on could she? Oh No! that would be too easy for this mummy!


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