Thursday, 11 February 2016

Looking For Inspiration Whilst Decorating A Childs Bedroom

Choosing a child's decor for their bedroom can be a tricky thing, they have their own idea's and if your child is anything like Tilly they will want all the themes they like in one room! At the moment Tilly wants multi coloured walls, a rainbow painted on the walls, My Little Pony wall stickers and frozen curtains. The other week she bought me a bit of paper that she had ripped out of a work book and had created a mood board by sticking frozen furniture on it to show me how she wanted her room. Her room design changes on a daily basis.

Tilly had always shared a room with me, as we were so over crowded. It was very difficult with 4 adults in the house and a small person. But with Beth and Zach both moving out,Tilly was able to have her own room last summer. She loved having her own space, but then Zach moved back home and she was back in with me again! I do feel bad as she needs her own space, and it must me kind of embarrassing with her telling her friends 'Yeah, I share a room with my mum'.

Zach is moving out again in April as a working opportunity in Holland beckons him and Tilly will get her own bedroom back. So by April I am not sure what her choice of bedroom decor will be.

When it comes to looking for inspiration for decorating a girls bedroom, I always look online. Its a great way to see how other people have designed rooms and you can see some of the most amazing girls bedroom ideas.

                                   Scandinavian style nursery/kids room by ROOMDESIGNBÜRO
                                                                                  by ROOMDESIGNBÜRO

When you do decorate your child's room though, make sure you listen to what they want. It may not be how you want it but it is their space and it needs to be somewhere that they can go to be alone, somewhere that they feel safe and somewhere that is their sanctuary! Once you have listened to their ideas you can work it round to be how you want it to be, but they think it was their idea. As Tilly is nearly 6 years old, I am trying to talk her into choosing bedroom decor that she can keep as she grows up. Something that is a big girls room, whilst fitting in with her favourite books, films and toys.
                                EC HOUSE : Modern nursery/kids room by Esra Kazmirci Mimarlik
                                                                  EC HOUSE by Esra Kazmirci Mimarlik
What decor is your child after? Where do you look for inspiration?

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  1. I have a 4 year old and a 7 month old sharing a room... The room just has bits we have been given from other people. Can't wait to choose a theme with them and get all the bits to decorate. Cars/transport seems to be the favourite, Spend hours on Pinterest looking at ideas ��


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