Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Growlash Serum For Eyelashes Review

I was sent GrowLash Eye Lash Growth Enhancing Serum to try out on my lashes at home. I have been pretty stressed recently and when you're run down it affects all parts of your body, So as my lashes were suffering I kind of thought that I could do with a bit of help. We use serum on our face and hair, so why not use it on your lashes too? You could use a mascara to give yourself some volume and length to your lashes but then that's just masking the problem and your lashes feel heavy when you're wearing mascara. So using Growlash Eyelash serum stimulates your eyelashes and encourages growth, which makes them look longer and thicker and it will also keep your lashes hanging around in place for a while longer. This eyelash serum does not contain any colourings, fragrances, or preservatives, so you can feel happy that you're not putting any chemicals close to your eyes.

The Eyelash Serum itself is a 6ml tube that almost passes as a mascara, so nobody needs to know that you are adding serum to your eyes, You can confidentially pop this in your handbag on a night out and people will just pass it off as mascara. When you use the serum, it is so easy. The product comes in a box with instructions and they are so easy to follow. All you need to do is unscrew the tube and remove the brush, Don't worry about using this brush so close to your eyes because it is so small and easy to use. Once you have taken the brush out of the product there is enough serum on the brush to do the top and the bottom lashes. you simply swipe the brush over the eyelids and over the bottom lashes for the serum to do its work. It actually takes seconds and can be done as part of your morning and/or bedtime routine.

So What Did We Think? 

I admit I was dubious to start with, I really wasn't sure that there could be much left to do on my lashes and had kind of resigned to the fact they were thin and almost brittle like. The serum is cold to use and I find the cooling affect it has is good for puffiness around the eyes too, The company promise a noticeable difference in 30 days or you get 100% of your money back. Now I am always going to use a company that offers this because you are in a win/win situation and can get a full refund if you're not happy. I was very happy! I have sensitive eyes and this never bothered them at all (must really be down to the natural ingredients)

This Growlash Eyelash Serum can be bought from Amazon for £20.49

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