Monday, 1 February 2016

Where Can I Buy Doctor Cabello Biotina Products? #Review

I have to colour my hair all the time, It is going grey and has been for about 20 years but now that I am 43 it seems to be going grey-er all the time and I find that I am colouring it more often than not to hide my regrowth. The last time I coloured my hair, I decided I wanted to go Ombre on the ends and It was a split second decision in the shop to get the colouring kit but it has really dried my hair out. On top of the chemical damage, add the appliance damage from the straighteners, curling tongs and the hairdryer. Can you imagine how dry my hair is? I work for Superdrug, but we sell affordable products and sometimes my hair needs Salon strength shampoo and conditioner. I often end up buying online as I feel we get a much better deal than going to a salon directly.

I was approached by Dominican Haircare to try out some of their products, And as I love my quality hair products I was keen to give it a go. Founded in 2014, the company brings the finest hair care directly from The Dominican Republic. Dominican Haircare was created from passion and understanding that not everyone has the same type of hair. A lot of time has been spent researching and sourcing the best product for individual needs.

After a discussion about the condition of my hair, we were sent a variety of products from the Doctor Cabello Biotina to try out.

The Shampoo - This contains Vitamin E, which we all know is great for dry skin. So to find it in Shampoo along with Vitamin B5 enriched formula which will coat each individual strand of hair in Biotin, leaving it feeling silky and stronger. After just one wash, your elasticity will be improved your hair is on a journey to look more healthier. The shampoo is also sodium laureth sulphate free which makes it less drying and colour safe. I used the shampoo and after the first wash, I didn't really notice much difference in the way of my hair feeling healthier, but after a few shampoo's, there was a visible difference in my hair and a customer at work even commented on my healthy looking hair. Like all good things..... they come to those who wait. This is available from the website for £15.50

The Conditioner - Again the vitamin E and Biotin rich conditioner is going to leave your locks looking shiny and full of body. Simply apply after the shampoo and either wash off straight away or leave for a couple of minutes. Your hair instantly feels refreshed and smoother, where the conditioner has worked each strand of hair an flattened the cuticle scales. This is available on the website for £15.50.

The Biotin Hair Treatment Mask - OMG, this stuff is amazing! It is enriched with vitamin E, Biotin & B5 to give your hair the most amazing shine and feel of softness. I used this after the shampoo and instead of the normal conditioner, and not only is it thick to use and doesn't run all over your face. I left this in my hair for 10 minutes whilst I relaxed in the bath and then rinsed it out, my hair was so silky afterwards and it really made a difference to the frizzy strands of my hair. My hair was healthier and manageable, perfect for curling it.

The Biotin Leave In Conditioner - This is perfect for people in a rush, After you have shampooed your hair you just need to add it to your hair and simply leave it in. The vitamins E, H (Biotin) & B5 combine with natural ingredients to restore shine and add some body to your hair. Although it is created for dry hair, it can actually be used on any hair type. I love using this if I am in a rush before going to work, I wash my hair and add the leave in conditioner and style as needed. This is available for £13.70.

I do like this whole range and a real selling point is that it has no smell, it is completely fragrance free. I am very strange with smells and if a shampoo is fragranced too much, I won't buy it. Even if it promises loads of great promises, the smell will make me buy another brand. My favourite product is the Hair Mask, It really did leave my hair feeling georgous and when your hair feels good - you feel more confident too.

Dominican Haircare offer a wide range of hair products and they are not freely available in the UK, so you will need to buy through the website but delivery is free on products over £19.99 and will be on your doorstep with in a few days of ordering. I would recommend these products if you have dry, frizzy hair and colour treated/bleached hair.

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