Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Tillys Grand Designs For Her New Room With Hampshire Furniture

Last year I came across the gorgeous furniture at and wrote about some retro furniture that they were selling at the time. I grew up in Germany and we always bought the furniture over there because it was so well made and lasted for years and years. When we moved back to the UK and I started to buy furniture for my own home, I was actually shocked at how flimsy some of the flat pack furniture could be!

Yes you could go to places like Ikea and pick up a chest of drawers for £29.99, but how long in reality is it going to last you? surely you want something to last and with disposable furniture from places like IKEA and other budget shops, it isn't going to stand the test of time. Especially when it comes to your kids furniture, You want to buy furniture that is going to be safely put together and is going to last - Me and cheap flat pack furniture, do not go together!

When I came across Hampshire Furniture loved their furniture, it was different/ unique but then I discovered that they were now selling children's furniture, and the excitement is just too much. Its every mums dream to have a beautiful nursery for their children but quite often due to unforeseen circumstances it doesn't always work out.  My unforeseen circumstances were that I had to share a room with Tilly until she was five years old, and then she enjoyed her own room for a few months before her older brother moved back in and took over her room. The world is full of boomerang kids and just after they move out, they discover that they can't afford it so they come home again. So Tilly has lost her bedroom again and is back in sharing with her mum. She knows she will get her room back in April when her brother moves out (he has a plan but its secret at the moment).

As soon as her brother moves out we will be 'doing her room up', and it will be proper girly style. We have started to order her bedroom furniture now and we have ordered a storage box for her. There was such a choice from, But Tilly has chosen Magic Amiera storage box as it has a unicorn and is perfect for any little girl who is obsessed with horses and princesses. Once it arrives we will certainly be giving it the Tilly test.

Next on Tilly's wish list is a bed similar to this one, her room is tiny so the under bed storage would be perfect. It is from the Magic Amiera range and again its so girly that it will be perfect for her bedroom. These beds are so good for storage and Tillys older sister had one as she was growing up. You can fit a small wardrobe underneath or use it to keep the toys there. Tilly is only five years old and I was worried about her sleeping on a bunk so high but the ladder is big and secure against the bed and there is a safety rail all around the bed.

 Tilly has some grand designs for her bedroom and I don't think I am going to get much of a look in. I think I will be there to pay for the things she wants, but kids are only little once and you should make the most of the time you have them living with you. Hampshire furniture also sell a range of baby furniture (the cribs are so cute) and some great sea themed furniture for kids rooms too.

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