Friday, 8 January 2016

Helping To Keep Food Hot On A Day Out With Bento Boxes From Monbento

How often do you go out and want to take a picnic, but the weather is too hot and the food in your picnic spoils, or you want to take some food to work for something hot in the middle of your shift? Monbento would like to Introduce the MB Element a new Insulated Bento Box. It is available from for £36

It is made of stainless steel and this insulated bento box will keep your food warm or chilled for up to 5 hours (which ever food your taking that day). It is BPA free and the MB Element has been designed for people to prepare hot healthy lunches whilst on the move, perfect if your job has you on the go all the time. This bento box is compact and versatile making it suitable for the most extreme of adventures and everyday living too. You can pack it in a suitcase, backpack or handbag – whatever the journey the MB Element will make a perfect accompaniment.

This lightweight insulated bento box also frees the user from the constraints of needing to be near a microwave or fridge when out and about.

This is made of lightweight steel and silicone, so it is light to carry around if your out and about for the day. It will hold 650 MLS, so its a good size for you. As a mum, I think it is perfect for taking with you if you want to eat out and you have a fussy child or baby. Its perfect if you have elderly relatives and you want to leave them a meal that will keep warm or cold and they can eat it at their convenience, just make sure they can open and close bento box. You can simply leave this next to them if they are not mobile enough to get up and cook a meal.

How To Use It

Its so easy to use, you just warm up or cool down the container before using it, by running it under a hot or cold tap for a few seconds. Then simply place your very hot, just cooked food or your cold food into the insulating container, shut it tightly with the airtight lid and you are good to go! The insulation will work best when the container is completely full with food.

These new insulated Bento boxes are not available for sale at the moment but as soon as they are available we will be running a competition to give one away. So please keep an eye out for the upcoming blog post.

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