Thursday, 3 December 2015

What To Buy Little Boys This Christmas

What do you buy little boys? I always struggled more with Zach as he was growing up and it was easy to buy a computer game for him, but with this gift guide I wanted to focus on the more old fashioned toys that are still such a pleasure to play with. I don't believe in girls or boys being told what it is acceptable to play with and what it isn't acceptable to play with. But these toys are the good old favourites for kids and infact a few of the toys - I have got for Tilly for Christmas this year.

You can't go wrong with anything from Hornby Hobbies, For generations it has been a favourite with kids and I am sure it will be for generations to come. This gift is a real treat and can played with childrena nd grown ups together.This year Hornby Hobbies offers the Hornby’s Santa Express, which is perfect as a Christmas gift or as an eye catching festive centre piece. (can you imagine it riding around your kitchen table?) The Santa Express includes his very own steam engine, a wagon full of presents and a closed van in which he keeps his reindeer (of course).  Included in the set is a spritely little engine, colourful livery, 1600mm by 1180 mm oval track and mat. and is priced at £69.99, Hornby’s Santa Express is available now from all good toy retailers and at

The Amazon Kindle Fire for Kids comes in 2 different GB sizes, you have the 8GB for £119 and 16GB is £139. The Amazon Kindle HD Fire for Kids is designed for kids between 3 and 10, because unbelievably children as young as 3 are using technology! Once you feel the child is old enough to use the kindle without the restraints of the walled garden then you can switch the restrictions off and they use it the same way as a normal Kindle Fire. The Amazon Kindle for Kids is perfect to keep as the child grows, so it is definatly an investment for their future. Tilly has one of these and she uses it on a daily basis to learn on the apps. You can read more about it here in a blog post I wrote when I reviewed it in the summer. 

Lego, you can never go wrong with this, My older kids used to play with it. My older kids would actually set up towns on my dining room floor and play for hours upon hours. Its a great way to encourage imagination and the Lego brand has grown so much over the years and there is so much more choice these days. With the New Star Wars movie coming out soon, Star Wars Lego is going to be a winner this year, you have the Millennium Falcon at £129 for the older boys (and dads) right down to the small sets like AT-AT at the pocket money price of £8.99. So there really is something for everyone in the world of Lego.

For a more adventurous child among us we have the Children's B. TeePee Play Tent, it is so easy to put together with all of the connectors sewn into the tent, so you wont loose them and it gives you an idea of how simple the tent is to put together. There are tent poles and they you straighten them out and pop them in the connectors. It literally took five minutes to put the wigwam together and Tilly was in there like a shot. Inside the tent at the top, there is a place to hang a lantern. Now this isn't an ordinary lantern, it has images on it and when the light is on it shows a really impressive light display. Its so peaceful watching the light sway and the images projected on to the tent. There is plenty of room in the tent for more than one child or your child and plenty of toys. We have a small house, but this tent didn't take up too much space at all. This tent is perfect for all adventurers, Indians and parents. It is RRP of £49.99 from most good toys shops. more details can be found at

There are so many different gifts out there for little boys this year, but what ever you choose - I am sure your on to a winner 

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