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What Dove Products Can I buy? #SDInsiders #Dove #RealBeauty

My #SDInsiders parcel recently was a huge Dove package full of Dove goodness, and I could have a real pamper session on myself. Dove has the one quarter moisturiser which makes it very good for people with dry skin but the hamper was a pamper factor of 100%. Dove work closely with everyday people to ensure their products are perfect for us and they also help women to be more confident with their campaigns for real beauty. Dove are not afraid to say to women, we love you as you are! They use real women in their media and they raise subject like how media portrays beauty and how it can make you feel an failure if you don't look like a model. More information on the Real Beauty campaigns are found here

Shampoo and conditioner

Oxyfusion technology helps to breathe some life into your limp and find her adds a bit of life to it giving you up to 95% more volume and Megan is it to style your hair ready for the day or night ahead.  Oxygen moisture shampoo and conditioner for find a flat hair. You use it as a normal shampoo and conditioner but  for better results use as part of the whole oxygen and moisture range. The shampoo will instantly dissolve into your wet hair it will breathe life into your hair by cleansing  and moisturising. The conditioner melts into your hair and smooths all of your uneven and split ends but it is a very light  conditioner and won't weigh your hair down at all.  Both the shampoos and conditioners come in tubes making it easier to apply and when the tubes are standing up, the contents slipto the top of the tube so you don't have to fight with it to get the rest of the shampoo and conditioner out when there's only a tiny bit left in the tube. This shampoo and conditioner has a very oceanic and fresh smell to the product and the smell is very light but also
has a hint of the unmistakably smell of the dove range.

Dove nourishing body wash.

After just one shower you will notice a difference in your skin it will be softer and smoother are and this body wash is like the dove fragrance but not too much to be overpowered.   The body wash lathers up well when you're in the shower and you can feel an instant moisturise to your skin, it feels silky to touch. This is a deeply nourishing body wash and this is because it contains Nutrium Moisture which is a unique blend of moisturisers and skin natural nutrients. With my dry skin I really like this product although it did irritate my psoriasis in places. Leaving it slightly itchy.

Soft feel deodorant by Dove.

This deodorant is a huge product in a small package because it's compressed making it easier to carry
around and it's perfect for travelling on a plane because 150 mL of deodorant is compressed right into  75 mL. The magic of this product is that you don't get any less product.  contain one quarter moisturiser and vitamin E  so once again the guys from Dove were thinking about your skin and the effects that products can have on it. The spray is slightly fragrance and reminds me of baby powder some thing that reminds me of the past will always make me want to buy it. The Dove Deodorant is effective for 48 hours protection so although we have a daily wash at home this again is perfect for travelling especially long haul as you don't need to worry about sweaty armpits.  There was no alcohol present in this product and the roll on deodorant offers exactly the same promises as the aerosol but the roll on bottle for those that prefer to wear deodorant this way.

Dove beauty cream wash

Once again the three-quarter moisturising cream is present in the dove beauty cream wash this help to protect your hands and offers some extra reassurance and moisture especially in the winter we wash our hands a lot through the day so this is perfect to keep our hands soft supple and clean. Dove also offers the soap in a bar of people that  prefer it that way to liquid soap. This soap smells lovely with the distinctive Dove fragrance and feels soft to use but I prefer the liquid soap up the cream wash. The soap is creamy to use and feels like silk to use, the pump dispenses just enough soap for you to use. With the care that has gone into creating the perfect soap, Dove have made this product not only a great cleansing product but also with the added moisturiser, it is caring for your skin in a way that other soaps don't.

Dove essential body lotion

This offers rich nourishment for dry skin and helps give you long lasting soft and smooth skin. It contains unique DeepCare Complex with skin natural nutrients, It doesn't only moisturise the surface of your skin but with the help from the rich essential oils and skins nutrients, it penetrates and works deep inside too. Use this alongside the Dove Regenerating nourishment hand cream for overnight care for your hands, especially as the weather gets harsher and hands get drier.

Dove can be bought from Superdrug.com, where you can order online and get the products delivered to your local store for free. It normally takes 3-5 working days but may take longer in the festive period.

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