Friday, 25 December 2015

The Day AO Saved Christmas - Indesit Oven And Ignis Hob Review

Today my Christmas meal is being cooked on a new oven and hob sent to me by AO.COM. My hob was broken for a longer time than I care to remember, so I approached AO about their reviewer programme and spoke to a lovely member of staff who helped us to choose an oven and hob.

We were offered and Indesit Oven and an Ignis hob, We made two youtube video's to show how they work and here is a little written review for you.

The Indesit oven is lovely, it has knobs that slide in when your not using them, meaning there is no chance for any little fingers to come along and turn the knobs and causing a fire. The oven itself is stainless steel and measures at  (H)60.0 x (W)60.0 x (D)54.5 with an oven capacity of 58 litres. It is stainless steel and comes with 2 wire rack shelves as well as a drip tray, which could effectively be used as a third shelf if your cooking a fair bit of buffet food for a party.
The electric oven is efficiency rated an A, so it is an energy efficient oven and it is so easy to fit as it comes with its own plug molded on to the appliance. All you need to do is unwrap and slot into your casing. There is a digital display with a clock and two different timers. If you press the clock button once, you get a bell symbol and then you can set the timer, as soon as your time is up there will be a beeping sound until you switch the oven off. This is perfect if your cooking a variety of items and need to set the timer to add more food to the oven. If you press the clock twice, it takes you to a second timer, this timer is the timer that you set if you want to put something in the oven like a meat or casserole. You simply press the timer and off you go to do your bits and pieces, when the timer beeps it switches the oven off so if you have forgotten about the food, it will stop cooking and it wont ruin. I actually love this function because I am the worlds worst cook and I keep forgetting when I pop food in the oven! so this is a life saver for me and I would expect - many other mothers!

Although the  Ignes hob is a different brand to the cooker, they actually work really well together. Again the hob is silver so it matches the cooker and is rated with an A efficiency label. The hob is gas and will need to be fitted by a Gas Safe engineer but if you use LPG, it can be fitted to that connection too. The hob has four rings, two rings at the back are of a medium size and the front rings are large and small. There is a button to light the gas hob and it lights pretty quickly and is warm in no time. 

The knobs of the hob are to the side of the work top, so once again there are no little fingers trying to play with the knobs. There is also a flame failure safety device for the extra piece of mind incase something was to go wrong with your gas hob. The measurements are H4.1 x W58 x D50 and is really easy to clean.

You will find more products in the built in range at AO.COM and delivery is normally within the next day and is free for over 4000 products. You can buy anything from toasters to dishwashers at the click of the button and if you have a problem there is always someone available at the other end of the email or phone. 

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