Monday, 28 December 2015

Dude Have You Seen My Wine?

We don't usually drink at home, but we always have wine with our Christmas meal and this year I have been introduced to Most Wanted Wines. They are a new company that will tell you exactly whats in your wine without all the faff of explanations such as  'delicate bouquets of elderflower that will tempt your pallette'. The Most Wanted Wines are for the people of today, the people that just want to go to the supermarket, look for something classy and be told on the label what is in the wine. You learn more when it is put to you in a simpler way, rather than bottles that offer complicated and exotic wording. Most wanted Wines pride themselves in being more of a wine for the 'Dude have you seen my wine' type of person rather than the 'My Dear, what a marvellous oaky finish' person.

The label is simple, its monochrome and stands out on the supermarket shelf. The label tells you everything you need to know, no faffing about!
Most Wanted Wines are newly launched in the UK and are certainly heading to be one of the most wanted wines to be drunk by cool people, whether your partying with friends or enjoying a glass over lunch with your bestie. 

The wines on offer from Most Wanted are 

Albarino - A crisp white wine from Spain that is gaining favour in restaurants and gastro bars around the UK, Albarino is grown on the spanish coast so it is a perfect wine to accompany seafood and salads, like the Mediterranean it comes from. It is crispy and has a touch of peach to its flavouring which gives it versatility to drink with spicy foods too.

Sauvignon Blanc - Everyone has heard of this one, It is one of the most popular wines in the UK, coming from the region of Hawkes Bay on the east coast of North Island, New Zealand. This is a dry, Zingy wine and the blend of lemon and passionfruit gives it a tropical twist. The wine is perfect to drink with Thai dishes, seafood and salads due to the unique flavours. This is available from Tesco Wine by the case and Booths at £8.99.

Malbec - Comes from Argentina, which seems to be the perfect environment for this wine. The grapes have a thin skin and the Argentinian climate gives the wine a smooth yet full bodied taste. Athough this wine was originally grown in Bordeaux, but we are pleased it has worked its way over the Atlantic to a hotter, drier country as it worked out for the best. Malbec works great with steak dishes, bolognaise and Mexican foods, I think it is the blackberry and blueberry flavours of the wine that adds the extra pizzazz! This is available from Tesco Wine By The Case, Nisa and McColls. 

Pinot Noir - This wine Is another from the favourite area of New Zealand. This wine is a lighter red than others on the market and the Cherry and plum give is a georgous fruit flavour. The Nelson’s combination of antipodean sun, sheltering mountains and fresh sea air makes for very happy grapes, then that makes for happy wine drinkers. It works well with chicken, duck and fish, so would be perfect for your Christmas Dinner.  This Pinot Noir is available from Sainsburies, Nisa and Tesco Wine By The Case.

We were sent a bottle of Alberino that I enjoyed on Sunday afternoon with Kimmy and Zach. This white wine is crisp and aromatic and although I am normally a dry white wine drinker, This was a refreshing change and a great introduction to the Most Wanted range. The wine is sweeter than I am used to and although I usually don't like sweet wines, the peach, grapefruit and tropical fruit make for an exhilarating change to a normal dull wine that I might normally drink. The bottle is simple and says it as it is. The bottle is sure to stand out on a supermarket shelf, it also looks trendy for you youngsters that want to move on to a wine, but your not sure which one to go for. We were also sent the Pinot Noir, We had a glass of this on Christmas Eve before we went to midnight mass. I do like red wine but it goes to my head so much quicker than white, but this one is lighter and I enjoyed it much more than other red wines. The fruit flavour leaves you wanting more and this is a refreshing drink. It holds a lovely red colour, not too dark.

We even enjoyed a bottle of  Sauvignon Blanc with our Christmas dinner. This has to be my favourite of the three wines that I tried. It is a dry white wine and worked perfectly well with our Christmas meal. You can taste the slight tropical mix in the wine which gives it a unique taste. This wine is best served chilled and it also works perfectly well with lemonade for a white wine spritzer if thats your wine of choice. The best thing that I like about all of these wines is that they are screw top bottles - I can't be bothered with looking for a bottle opener to drink wine! Don't take my word for it, try these wines out for yourself. I can assure you, you won't be disappointed.

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