Saturday, 21 November 2015

How To Survive Black Friday And Get That Bargain.

Black Friday is that dreaded American tradition for shoppers that has come over and we seem to have adopted it. For people that work in retail, it is often busier than Christmas eve itself. It is a great day to get your bargains but you do take your life in your hands, I hope your life insurance is up to date before you go shopping on Black Friday this year. Memories of people trampling over each other to buy that 50in TV for £20 are still fresh in my head and this year as I countdown the days until all hell breaks loose at work, here are my tips for a smooth shop.

  • Wear the right shoes! open toed shoes mean someone will stamp on your feet and believe me they will! anything to stop you getting close to that bargain. High heels make it difficult to run to that bargain, you need a good sensible pair of running shoes or flats
  • When you enter the store, walk in slowly and confidentially, these Black Friday shoppers can smell fear and they will know that you're on your way to a bargain, they will feel your heart beating and if you walk in the store in an appropriate manner, you will avoid accidentally shoving others and causes a fight in the store. Nudging someone will ensure you get punched by someone else on their way to a bargain and before you know - its all out war!
  • Scan the store for crowds of people and check where the nearest till position is. You will need to know this for later.
  • Don't take your eyes off the other shoppers, you need to anticipate their next move, you need to read their mind and you need to be quick if they make a move.
  • As you move in on your item that you wish to purchase, make sure you stay cool, calm and collected. Breathe slowly, keep calm, try not to look like you're desperate to reach an item. you don't want to alert other shoppers to your plan of getting that bargain. don't step on anyone's toes because that panics the other shoppers and if they find out what you're after then it could cause a stampede and you have lost out on your bargain.
  • Once you have that bargain, grab it and hold it tightly, don't let it go and if your holding it tightly then you will avoid accidental dropping if someone nudges you. 
  • when your heading to the tills, move with the crowd, its easier and actually safer to hide in there! And you are actually more safer in that crowd as you can hide your gift in with all the other people whereas if you walk off on your own you can guarantee someone is going to see that gift and make a grab for it.
  • Buy a 5p carrier bag - its better than someone trying to rob you for your purchase. 

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