Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Hen Night Goodies From PartyBagsAndSupplies - Caution Rude Pictures ;)

I know this may seem a little bit rude to be putting on a mummy blog, but Mummies deserve some fun too! We all have a fun side to us and when myself and my girlfriends go for a night out we like to have a little bit of fun. We take dare cards out with us, because not only does it liven up the evening, it also encourages people to be a bit mischievous and the drunker you get, the more mischievous you are likely to be.

So we were asked by the guys at Partybagsandsupplies to choose some hen night items for our holiday to Turkey. I was like a kid in a sweet shop and there were so much to choose from that we didn't know where to start. So we chose a mixture of naughty goodies to tale with us, When the parcel arrived, I was like a kid at Christmas!

We chose a mixture of goodies but by far the favourite of the pack was a Simon Cowell mask, he has his own little post. as we did have so much fun and for £2.99 he was a real bargain. The next favourite were the Ratings cards, although they are to rate the males that you meet on an evening out but we gave them to the men to to rate some women. All of this was done with the permission of the people that we rated (although there were some sneaky ones that we didn't). These cards are available for a bargain at £1.50 from and you can pop them in your handbag for a night out.

The Willy Bingo bought in some real laughs, after a few drinks we were playing this in a bar full of people! shouting out Different names for men's anatomy was the funniest ever! the first person to get a line is the winner and if you want a longer game, then you simply play 2 lines. You get some little 'L' shapes to cover over your squares when the shape has been called out. There are 12 boards included in the pack, so it doesn't matter if your in a party of loads of girls, there is enough to go round. This will cost you £3.00
We had a giggle with the handcuffs! we placed them on the floor and pretended not to notice and they most certainly turned a head or two. The handcuffs are pink with felt around them and have diamonds on them. They come with a key nut in all honesty they are made of plastic and they would come undone if you pulled them hard enough (perfect if someone puts them on you). We even used them on the staff as a joke, but soon removed them when we wanted more vodka! These handcuffs are priced at £4.79

The other items we were sent were some quiz cards that you ask the bride to be, they are personal questions and also some very naughty ones. We worked our way around the table asking each other the questions and they caused some hilarity in the bar. 

The Willy straws were funny and we popped them into peoples glasses when they weren't looking. The straws are white and the Willy's are glued to them. So they are only one use unless you are able to pull them off the straw and add them to a different straw. You need to remember to keep taking your straw out of the glass when its empty, otherwise the bar man takes it and you lose it. These are £2.99 from the website. 

We had so much fun with these and there are still some items we haven't used yet, so we will be using them on a night out soon, watch this space and in the meantime pop over to for all your Hen night needs and check the whole range of party supplies that they offer for your special occasion. We had a lot of fun with these items and I am sure there will be many more nights out to come.

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