Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Goodfella's Pizzas And The Little Fellas Pizza Range.

We are big pizza eaters in our house, in fact we love Italian in general. Recently we were sent some vouchers from Goodfellas to try the pizza's out.

We went to Asda and looked at their huge range of pizza's from Deep Pan Pizza and Stonebaked Thin Pizza to Deli Di Lusso Pizza and Little Fella's Pizza, the kids range.

 I chose Tomato, Mozzerella and Pesto Deli Di Lusso Pizza for Kimmy, she is a vegetarian and having the same cheese and onion or cheese and tomato topping all the time can be tedious. So although this was still basically her usual pizza, it was miles different. The tomatoes are roasted cherry tomatoes and Goodfellas don't skimp on them either. The cheese is mozzerella as well as cheddar and there is also pesto sprinkled on the top. This pizza tasted so much better than other pizza's and the little added flavours made all the diference. This pizza is one of the more premium pizzas from the Goodfella's range and is £3.00 at the moment in Asda

For myself, well I prefer a thin base, I find if a pizza has a lot of base then you can lose a lot of the topping flavours and all it feels like your eating is a base. So my pizza of choice was extra thin Chicken & ‘Nduja Sausage,  with Mozzarella cheese, Cajun Chicken with added water, Smoked ‘Nduja Pork Sausage & Red, green & yellow Peppers. This had a slight spicy touch too it with the cajun chicken but it was bearable and again there were plenty of toppings to go round. This pizza would easily do 2 people for a pizza night. This was £2.75 from Asda.

For Matilda, there really was only one choice! because Kim and I normally have a pizza each (due to difference in tastes), Tilly has now decided she is grown up enough for her own pizza and the Little Fella's range of pizza's are perfect for her they are just the right size for a child and they come as their favourite characters too. There is Frozen which is Enchanted Chicken (the only pizza she will eat now), Mickey Mouse which is Cheeky Cheese and Tomato and Star Wars which is Meatball Meteor. They are priced between £1 (Asda) and £1.50 (Co-op).

We also bought the Garlic flat bread to go with the pizza's, after all its not a proper pizza meal without some form of garlic bread. We had the cheesy garlic bread and it is a stonebaked base, topped with garlic oil, a blend of cheeses and a touch of parsley. This is usually £1.50 from Asda.

So what did we think of this range as a family?

We enjoyed the pizza's and the extra detail that went into the pizza's and the extra ingredients makes all the difference to the taste. I liked the huge choice of different pizza bases because normally we buy a supermarket own brand and the only choice we have is thin or thick base. The pizza's are almost as good quality as pizza that we have had in a takeaway and yet, they are a fraction of the price. The toppings were generous and fairly spread out. And we would buy these pizza's again.

You can find more details of the huge range of pizzas at and they are widely available at most supermarkets

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