Thursday, 10 September 2015

Make Sure Your Covered With Holiday Insurance - Accidents Do Happen

I am off to Turkey in October, the first holiday abroad without kids EVER! Excited doesn't even start to describe how excited I am about it! Everything is booked like seats, meals and priority seating. Even travel insurance is being booked separately. I have always booked travel insurance separately from my holiday as I like to shop around. This year I have gone for Columbus Direct as they have policies starting as low as £2.69 for a single trip.

We live really close to France and quite often take a day trip there if the weather is good. But quite a lot of people travel there without the appropriate travel insurance. Its so easy to think that those things won't happen to me! But they do! All it takes is for you or your child to fall ill on a trip abroad, whether your going for a few hours or a few weeks and it can cost you thousands upon thousands for medical care in the country your visiting. We see it all the time in the news where people don't think they need insurance, especially if they are carrying an EHIC card. But its wrong - holiday insurance is important!

A few years ago I took my kids back packing around Europe, only for us to arrive at Cologne airport and my daughters luggage had failed to make it on to the plane in London, it was now travelling to another destination. We were on a back packing holiday and everything was in her giant back pack, from her clothes to her sleeping bag. We had to buy items along the way, luckily we had insurance, so we kept all the receipts and we were able to claim everything back for her. It was a real nightmare but it goes to show, if you have the right cover, you just cant go wrong.

Why would you choose Columbus Direct? well here are some of the many reasons
  • For over 25 years, they have been a leading company specialising in insurance
  • They offer award-winning products and services 
  • Worldwide they have over 15 million customers
  • They were voted Best Travel Insurance Provider 2014 (Your Money Awards)
  • If your plane is delayed you will be allowed free access to a lounge (following the terms of the offer)
  • You can choose 3 different policies, Gold silver or bronze to suit your budget.
  • You have a 14 day money back garrentee if you change your mind
  • You can get the policy sent to you VIA text, saving you carrying around paper policies.
After you have chosen your policy you will get taken to a page that will give you options of adding extra's like winter sports or gadgets. I would recommend the Gadgets add on as it covers all the mobile phones, laptops and tablets you will be taking. And lets face it, we never go anywhere without our gadgets these days. You also get the choice of paying extra for a zero excess - personally I am taking this out, as It gives me 100% peace of mind that I am still covered if I run out of money.

When choosing the policy it is so easy, you go to and you choose which policy you would like. If your unsure of the country your visiting, then you simply click the area your visiting i.e Europe, and it gives you a list of all the countries covered in the European policy. As we are going to turkey and I had never been, I was unsure of whether I could buy a European policy or world wide, so having the peace of mind that they tell you whether your covered or not really helps.

Once you choose your policy, you get taken to another page where you add your extra's like winter sports, gadget cover etc. Its worth making sure you fully covered when you go away. If you drop your phone and smash it, then your covered in the gadget cover.

So now my insurance is paid for all I need to do now is sit back and wait for my holiday, as I have peace of mind that I am covered and I have the email confirmation to rely on when I am away.

Booking with Columbus Direct is so easy, just pop over to and get yourself a quote, it worked for me. 

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