Saturday, 12 September 2015

Indulge In The Sweet Shop Selection From Superdrug #Superdrug

As a Superdrug Insider, I get sent parcels to try products out as they hit the shelves, this means that I can personally give an honest opinion on the things I sell, Making me a better salesperson as I can talk from experience.
This month I was sent the whole sweet shop range from Superdrug to try out and when I took it home, I barely got a look in! My daughter is 23 and she has claimed most of it. But I managed to sneak a couple of items to use when she was at work..... she will never notice (until she reads my blog!)

So as we move into autumn, having these products means that the having the sweet shop range means I can start the autumnal days with that sweet feeling when I use the products. So what was I sent?

Pear Drops Shampoo and Conditioner

You will find this alongside your normal Superdrug shampoo range and it is priced at £1.99, but is on an offer at the moment for 99p. It smells slightly of pear drops, but I was happy with that as I didn't want anything too sweet on my hair all day long, if its too sweet then it can be a bit overpowering. They got the smell just right. Wash your hair and condition as normal, but for a more intense condition, leave it for 5 to 10 minutes for the conditioner to penetrate your hair strands and offer a more in depth treatment. The shampoo smells so much more like pair drops than the conditioner and when you use them both together your hair looks healthy and radiant.

Sherbet Lemon Invisible Dry Shampoo RRP £1.99

For times when you cant wash your hair, there is dry shampoo! It can be a life saver, especially if your travelling or you are ill and unable to wash your hair. I love the fresh smell of this and that is all down to the lemon burst in the can. Sometimes between washes your hair can become flat and lifeless, dry shampoo will add a little bit of pzazz for a day. I personally found this to leave my hair a bit greasy and limp, so I probably wouldn't use this again.

Strawberry Bon Bon Scented Tissues RRP £1.69

These tissues come in a cubed box, so its nice and compact, They smell of strawberry bon bons but with the smell and feel of the tissues, it reminds me of the strawberry sugar paper we used to eat as kids. This brought back some real memories of my childhood. The tissues are soft and a good size for us girls. With the weather being so changable at the moment and kids being back at school these are perfect for the colds and flu they are going to pick up.

Raspberry Bubblegum Shower Gel 250 mls RRP 99p

I am a big fan of Superdrug Shower gels and I use them everyday, So I was most excited about using this shower gel, It smells so raspberry bubblegum like that you almost want to eat it, its refreshing, its gorgeous! It reminds me of a sweet shop and Ice lollies in the summer. It reminds me of not only being a child but the kind of sweets I would eat now. The smell is fresh and fruity and will make you feel awakened for the rest of the day.

Vanilla Fudge Self Heating Face Mask RRP 99p

Nourishes normal to dry skin in a single application. It really does smell of vanilla fudge, but not too over powering, I used this with my daughter who is 5. It does get warm, but not too hot and it felt lovely on our face. I never get time to have a face mask on, so it was nice, to kick back and relax for a few moments. Simply apply it to warm, wet skin (avoiding lips and eyes) and massage it into your face. It will melt away any impurities on  your face before you rinse it away and pat your skin dry. This was so easy to apply but it was sticky, so make sure you have your hair tied back. It is also quite runny, so don't do it as your leaving the house in case you spill some on your top.

Jelly Bean Scented Body Spray

We all love Jelly beans don't we? or is it just me? I have sold loads of these in store and the customers always rave about it, saying how much they love it. This has fragrances of Vanilla and raspberry ice cream, pink grapefruit, and sweet berries. You would think it would give a sickly sweet smell but it gives you a natural fruity aroma. My daughter is a big body spray wearer and it is a great alternative to wearing a heavy fragrance all day when your working or going out somewhere. Its handbag size for convenience and it has a refreshing smell. I really don't think there is anything close to it in the body spray range.

you can buy these products from your local Superdrug or at As always these products are Vegetarian and Vegan friendly and they are covered in the 100% money back guarantee, if your not happy with the results, just return it to your nearest store.

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