Thursday, 17 September 2015

#FoundationDrops From Gosh - The Perfect Foundation For Dry Skin And Psoriasis

I have worked for Superdrug for 10 years this year and when GOSH came in to store about 7 years ago, I fell in love with the brand. Not only are the colours bold and different but it is long lasting cosmetics. Through the years GOSH has evolved a few times and the new products have arrived on the shelves.

My skin type is dry to sensitive as I suffer from psoriasis. so I tend to shy away from foundations and stick to BB cream. Everyday I use a facial oil to help the dryness on my skin and although I know it wont cure me of my Psoriasis, it does go a way to adding some oil to my face for the day.
Psorisis is perfectly covered

Recently I went to a cosmetics conference for work where I met the staff behind the GOSH brand, not only did they tell me some exciting news coming in October (all will be revealed nearer the time) but they introduced me to #FOUNDATIONDROPS. This isn't like other foundations and what is so innovative is that the foundation has Argen oil in the product. The bottle comes with a pipette and all you need to do is release a couple of drops onto your hand (I put it on the back of my hand) and then you apply it to your face face. Use your fingers to apply it for a better finish. Because the foundation has the oil, it tends to be runny but it also means the oil helps it to give your skin a really good moisture and apply's to your face like a second skin.

So I was given a bottle of this foundation to take home and try for my self, and I can genuinely write this blog post saying how beneficial it is to my face. It hydrates and because it leaves your face looking glowing, then you look healthier. Perfect for a night out, as I don't wear foundation through the day. The foundation is light so you don't have the suffocating feeling that you can get sometimes with a foundation.

GOSH is exclusive to Superdrug in the UK, but they are a Danish brand and they are very popular worldwide. To find out more about their products, pop over to the website where they have make up lessons online and all product advice.

I was given this product as a member of staff of Superdrug, I was not asked to blog about it or share my thoughts. So all opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks fantastic, love the idea of foundation in a pipette.


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