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Duke Of York Brewers Fayre Review for Chefs Counter

As a family we like to eat out, its like a treat for us. Both Kimmy and I work, so not having to worry about cooking the evening meal is fantastic. We were asked to review the Brewers Fayre pub, The Duke of York in Dover and to enjoy one of their Chef's Counter meals.
We arrived at the restaurant slightly later than our table was booked for and they had still kept it open for us, and as soon as we gave our name we were shown to the table. The tables were set and there were menu's showing the the options of meals from the Chef's Counter. As we went on a Saturday, it was chicken night. This meant the counter was full of different chicken options from curry to chicken on the bone. There was spanish chicken and breaded chicken steaks. There was the option of chips, potato skins and potatoes to enjoy alongside your chicken as well as BBQ beans.

You need to try these potato skins

Meal options at the chef's counter
We went to the bar to order the meals and drinks, As we went on a Saturday night the Chefs counter costs £9.99 per person and children are £4.49. We paid at the bar and we were given a receipt to hand in at the counter. As we had a vegetarian in our party we asked what her options were for a meal through the chefs counter and the staff went out of their way to cook a veggie burger and sausage for Kimmy. So it always pays to ask what the vegetarian option is on the chefs counter, the staff will be more than willing to help you out.

We took our receipt to the counter and we were given plates, so we could help ourselves to the food that we wanted. Tilly was easy and opted for breaded chicken breasts, chips and beans. Kim could have the chips, beans, burger buns, rice, potato skins and dough balls etc with her veggie burger and sausage, and I went for a mixture of potato skins, chicken drumsticks, beans and cheesy potatoes with chicken.
Tilly is impressed with her meal

The meals were hot and replenished often enough, so as the pots or trays got low, they replaced them with full ones, the food was fresh and not dried out like you can see sometimes on a buffet counter. You can go up to the counter as many times as you like and its the perfect opportunity to try out different foods. The drinks we ordered were refillable fizzy drinks, so really once you have paid for your meal and drink, there is nothing else to pay for.

The restaurant itself was very busy and there seemed to be a constant queue at the bar, so the earlier in the evening you can get there - the easier it will be to get ordered and fed. The staff at the bar were very busy but had a great rapport with the customers and all seemed to work well together. All the time we were at the restaurant, we never saw any of the staff standing around doing nothing. The restaurant was filled 90% to capacity on Saturday night, and that shows how popular the restaurant is to eat at. The Duke of York can be located on the Duke of York roundabout and is the perfect stop before you board a ferry to France. It is a good place to fill up instead of having to eat a ferry meal, or if you have just got off the ferry you can stop before your long journey home. The restaurant also has a Premier Inn on site for people needing to stay overnight. Although there is no indoor play centre in this Brewers Fayre restaurant, there is a safe play area outside. Adult supervision is recommended at all times and there are tables outside so you can enjoy a drink or meal, whilst watching your children.

Tilly tests the climbing frame
Every night is a different night of food on the chef's counter, so for more details of what meals there are and the prices (that start as low as £6.99 per adult meal) more details can be found here

The only thing that we found disappointing was that we were not aware of the salad bar until we were leaving the premises, It was opposite the chefs counter and there was no signage to say it was there. The counter was very deep and unless you walked right up to it, you wouldn't know there was salad in there. we do like salad with our meal, and this would of completed our meals. But the salad looked fresh and we know its there for next time.
Salad to accompany your meal

sadly we couldn't see there was salad in the counter
Overall we were very impressed with the Duke of York and would recommend it, after all if it was almost full when we were visiting, it must me a popular place to go! you cant get a better recommendation than seeing a place busy. The staff were friendly and welcoming, a real positive atmosphere.

Duke of York can be contacted on 01304 213 617 and is open 7am - 11pm everyday except Sunday when it closes at 10.30pm for more information pop over to the Brewers Fayre page.

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