Friday, 21 August 2015

BB Cream Or Foundation - Whats The Difference? #Competition

In my work I am often asked what the difference is between foundation and BB cream, So here is the advice I would give to them. I am a big believer in BB cream as i suffer from Psoriasis and I get dry patches in my eyebrows and on one of my cheeks, so a BB cream adds a bit of moisturiser to my skin.

Different levels of coverage

One of the top major differences between BB cream and foundation is the coverage. foundation is generally thicker, so you will a more thicker coverage. With BB cream, there isn't a lot of coverage, so if your happy to wear something light, then this is great

SPF or no SPF

BB cream usually comes with a SPF, as its usually an active ingredient in moisturiser, whereas foundation does not. if your going to spend the day out in the sun, go for a BB cream rather than a foundation

Limited selection of colours

Unfortunately BB cream usually only comes in light or medium shades, so if you are very very pale or dark, then you would need to consider this before using BB cream, you don't want to look odd and people will notice if the shades is wrong. it needs to blend in with your skin

Benefits to your skin

While there are some foundations that have skincare benefits, like a touch of moisturiser or a spot of primer, BB cream automatically moisturiser in it, so you benefit more with the skincare benefits in BB cream. BB cream helps to clear up problem skin (dry skin etc) and some BB creams have Anti-Aging moisturiser. If your looking for that added bonus, then BB cream is for you.

Built in primer

BB cream has a built in primer, although it may not say it on the packet. This helped to keep it in place for the day. With foundation you either need to look for one with a built in primer or use a separate primer, which of course adds cost to your beauty bag

Better moisturisation

The greatest thing that I've found about BB cream is the fact that it is not cakey at all! So you never have to worry about your skin drying out, because BB cream has a ton of moisturiser built right inside! Foundation can be moisturising, but it can also leave your skin really dry if you don't use moisturiser beforehand.

To give one lucky reader the chance to try out some BB cream, I have some to give away as a prize. I have some from the Superdrug B range and it comes in light or medium, so I am offering you the chance to try both shades. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is enter using the rafflecopter below.

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