Saturday, 29 August 2015

Back To School With Animal - Girls School Accessories

What are you buying your child their equipment for school, where do you look? We live in a small town and the choice of school stuff to buy is very limited, so we have to go online to access a wider variety of things for Tilly to take to school.

This year we have looked at for some really cool and trendy school accessories. You can get anything you need from pencil cases to lunch boxes and laptop cases.

Tilly has asthma and has to carry her pump around with her as well as the asthma spacer, this takes up some space in a bag and to be honest its easier to keep it in its own bag rather than throwing it into her school bag. When she has a separate bag for her asthma things, it keeps it clean and all together, your not rummaging through your bag to find it in the middle of an attack. She has taken a liking to this bag. The holly lunch box is just the right size for her medication.
This little back pack is so cool, it has a carry handle, padded straps and the pattern is continuous over the bag. Inside the bag is a zipped compartment and a clear PVC ID holder, so if the bag is lost, it should make its way back to your child. The bag is available at for £18.00

As well as this she LOVES this pencil case, Now we all know that Tilly is a girly girl, but she can sometimes go to the other extreme and is also attracted to things like sharks and crocodiles! when ever we go to The London Aquarium, the first thing she wants to go and see is the crocodile. This pencil case from Animal, is cool, different and will definatly make your child stand out at school!
Eggburt can be found at and he will cost you £9.

Animal also cater for older kids and their accessories too, a lot of secondary schools now make students use tablets or laptops for their education. It is a sign of the times and it is easier for kids to work online sometimes, even Miss Tilly uses an Ipad in reception class...... I cant even use an Ipad! Take a look at this lovely Holly Laptop case available from Animal for £25 and it fits a laptop up to the size of 17 inches
Animal have a wide range of back to school accessories for both boys and girls. pop over to the website to take a sneaky peak at what is on offer at affordable prices. They offer free delivery to your home and there is also a function to find the nearest stockist to you. so what are you waiting for? get over there and take a look.

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