Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Lessons In Life - A Guest Post From Someplacestrange.net

Today I would love to welcome Nicola from over at www.someplacestrange.net as a guest blogger here. Thankyou for taking the time to write for us. Please pop over to her blog and take a read. She has written a list of how life has taught her through the years, So over to Nichola :)
As I have a big birthday coming up, I thought I'd look back on what life has taught me:

1. Family first.
2. You only have yourself. Friends and family will help you when you fall, but you're the one who needs to get back up.
3. You are stronger than you think.
4. Don't be a jerk.
5. This too shall pass.
6. Real friends are worth their weight in gold. And may be found in the strangest of places.
7. Hashtags aren't real. Social media is full of show-offs, don't buy into it.
8. No one has it entirely figured out or feels like an adult really, however old they are.
9. Engage your brain before speaking, doing etc.
10. All you have to do is ask.
11. Laughter is the best medicine.
12. Reading is a free ticket to anywhere.
13. It doesn't matter what most people think. (Apart from a few). This doesn't give you the right to be mean or treat people badly.
14. Be kind. Be nice.
15. Manners!
16. It's not all about money, success or things.
17. Stop comparing.
18. You may find yourself becoming more like your parents.
19. Fake it until you make it.
20. A hug from the Tubblet is the best thing ever!
21. No is the end of a sentence not the start of a discussion.
22. You're happy for others, not jealous.
23. Eat your fruit and vegetables.
24. Makeup doesn't make you beautiful. It makes you feel like yourself, but better.
25. Attack the issue, not the person.
26. Get enough sleep.
27. Push your boundaries.
28. You have the right to be heard.
29. Treat your body right.
30. Most men are a waste of time. Rev T is not most men.
31. Finding your soul mate is a gift.
32. Be on time. (Note to self, take own advice!)
33. Live within the means and balance the budget.
34. Don't easily offend, don't be easily offended.
35. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
36. Tidy and clean.
37. Love yourself. You're alright.
38. Losing friendships is sad, but it can be for the best. (Except when it isn't).
39. You get what you give.
40. Coffee! It's a major food group.
41. Telling the truth can be scary, but it's the right thing to do.
42. Everyone looks so young. You wonder why they go out wearing so little and worry they'll die of cold!
43. Keep learning.
44. Help people.
45. Staying in is the new going out.
46. Give compliments. Receive them gracefully.
47. Christians aren't weird. We're really not.
48. Don't worry. Things often work themselves out.
49. Don't dream it, be it!
50. You will die one day, but there's so much to do first. Living on this wonderful, weird world is incredible!

That was epic! Why do I have to be so old...!

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