Monday, 22 June 2015

Oceanic Jewellery

Oceanic Jewellers and its flagship brand Majique are a british brand in fashion dress jewellery and they bring us designs that we will love and cherish. They are a well established brand in fashion jewellery since 1977. The brand was born in the UK, but has now extended to countries like Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Middle East, USA, Australia, Austria, HongKong, China, Russia, Korea and South America, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Poland and Iceland, where they now sell their wholesale jewellery to companies.

We were sent the Infinity ring to review for Whats Good To Do. Infinity is a sign of forever, So what would be better to go on a ring than the sign of infinity. I gave this ring to my daughter as a symbol that I will love her forever and it made the perfect gift for her.

The ring is made of gold metal and comes in the size 18mm, perfect for my daughter's hand. It looks good and is made of good quality, it looks far more expensive than the £5 it costs. Normally when we buy dress jewellery it irritates my daughter as she has sensitive skin, but this ring was comfortable to wear and there was no green residue after a day of wearing it, like you can get from some dress jewellery.

You can also buy a bracelet to match the ring and if you prefer silver, you can get an silver metal ring too.

All the jewellery is available at

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