Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Kindle HD Fire For Kids - This Christmas Most Wanted Gift?

Tilly loves using my kindle, So much that she smashed it at the start of the year! I have always let her use it as it has really good parental controls and I know that I can monitor what she uses it for. Only occasionally she goes on to the websites and gets herself lost, ending up on websites that she doesn't know. And there have been times that she has downloaded apps without my knowledge!

So what is the answer? I like Tilly having a Kindle as they are educational as well as giving me a bit of quiet time when she is watching a film purchased from Amazon Prime. Amazon today made the announcement that they have designed an Amazon Kindle HD Fire for children. It works the same as a parent's Kindle but it has tightened security and once you set it up, you can give it to your children knowing they are safe within their 'walled garden' and cannot leave to find other websites they might want to use.

The Amazon Kindle HD Fire for Kids is designed for kids between 3 and 10, because unbelievably children as young as 3 are using technology! Once you feel the child is old enough to use the kindle without the restraints of the walled garden then you can switch the restrictions off and they use it the same way as a normal Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire for Kids has reinforced glass so if your child does drop the kindle, it shouldn't smash! It also comes with a protective case in either pink or blue to suit the child. This protective case is made from rubber and will help the kindle to bounce if they drop it. In the event of an accident, the Kindle Fire for Kids is guaranteed for 2 years against any breakage (even water damage)

So What are the other benefits of this Kindle Fire for Kids?

  • You can have up to 4 users on the Kindle, so if you have 4 kids, they each get their own user account and mum and dad (or appropriate adult) get to have the adult user account to control the settings. 
  • There is NO WAY your child will be able to access any social media or websites within the walled garden area, making it ultra safe for them to use.
  • The Kindle Fire for Kids comes pre-loaded with apps for your child, but you can remove any they don't use to free up some memory.
  • The apps are easy to navigate, even for preschool children because they can choose by picture, they just tap on dinosaurs, fairy tales or cars and it will open up apps from the choice they want. (there are many more)
  • It comes loaded up with a year subscription for Amazon Prime for kids, so that makes it even more value and they have access to movies and books all the time there is a WIFI connection.
  • You can go into the settings and set the time for the kindle to switch off at 7pm for bedtime and once it goes off, the child cant switch it on until it is set to switch on the next day. 
  • You can set a reading amount of time on the Kindle and make sure they do half an hour reading or learning before they can use the apps or watch a movie. The timing limits are set by the parent and the child can't get into the parental settings to change it.
  • You can also keep an eye on what your child is doing on the kindle, by seeing how much time has been spent reading.
  • The Kindle is smart and it keeps your most popular apps at the top of the screen and it will add new ones when there is an update.
  • The Kindle for kids also makes recommendations, for each child/user. Depending on age and what they like to read/watch.
  • There is a huge variety of books available, even read along stories for the little ones.
  • It has a rear facing camera as well as a front facing one and great photo editing apps loaded on the kindle.
  • Its smaller than a normal Amazon Kindle, so it is easier for kids to grip onto and making it a bit lighter to carry too.
The Amazon Kindle Fire for Kids comes in 2 different GB sizes, you have the 8GB for £119 and 16GB is £139. Available for pre order today from and ready to dispatch from mid June. For peace of mind when your child is on line, this is the way forward! It is definitely on Tillys christmas list.

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  1. They are fantastic, I would definitely get one for Skye


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