Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Washing Machine That Has A Silent Spin?

Last week I was invited along to an event at the pop up laundrette called Dirty Laundry in London to see the brand new washing machine from Whirlpool being Launched. Now being a mum, I used to do about three loads of washing a day when I had all four kids at home. We know how much Laundry a teenager can create - well I had three of them at home! as well as a baby. My trusty 6 KG washing machine, just couldn't keep up with the demand we were putting on it and a washing machine would last a little over a year. This year I bought a new washing machine and I actually bought an 8KG wash. But then the kids started moving out and now there are only 3 of us living here, its far too big a load. It doesn't do a 1/2 load so it works out expensive to use if we are only washing a few items.

I popped in to meet the guys from Whirlpool and they showed me the Whirlpool Supreme Care washing machines they had on display. The new Whirlpool Supreme care washing machine is available in sizes, 8kg, 9kg and 10kg so they are perfect for big families. It has a A+++ energy saving rate and is actually the quietest washing machine on the market! The spin sound is even quieter than the sound of a kettle boiling (Don't believe me? you can pop down to the electrical store and try it on demo mode, see for yourself) There is no vibration and it doesn't sound like an aeroplane is landing in your kitchen like mine does.
This washing machine also has Whirlpool 6th Sense technology to help keep the costs down, not only on water but also the most
expensive element of washing, the cost of detergent, PrecisionDose™ technology will release the exact amount of washing powder or liquid that you need for every wash, saving up to 12 litres a year. I know that I always use far too much powder and liquid! I always put a bit extra in 'just in case'. You can even put in enough of your liquid for up to 20 washes and  you select the PrecisionDose and the machine does the rest.

And, when you are not around to remove the washing immediately after the programme ends, patented FreshCare™ technology continues to tumble garments for up to six hours, keeping garments feeling and smelling fresh, as well as reducing wrinkles by up to 30 per cent and therefore the need to iron.

Another feature I love about this washing machine is that it measures the amount of laundry in the machine and it will only add enough washing liquid and water for that small load. So if you wash one top, the washing machine will know this. How smart is that?

So I hear you say 'where can I buy this?' well you can get it from whirlpool.co.uk from £449.99. 

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