Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Netflix Tag

Thankyou to Steph over at Mental Parentals for the tag, We are all addicted to netflix in our house, Sometimes I wonder why we even pay for a TV licence! We have the account valid for four people to use netflix in one go as we all want to use it at the same time, otherwise we argue over who can use it at what time. We all have our own account and Tilly has the Kids one set up on her kindle so she only has access to cartoons (brilliant idea Netflix) but if her kindle runs out, she uses mine and thats where the problems come up. I go to watch my programme and have to scroll through hundreds of hers!

All Time Favourite
Our all time favourite is Once Upon a Time, We started watching the series when it was on Tv, but then Channel 5 cancelled it after the second series! much to the disappointment of many of the programme fans. So one day Kimmy switched her Netflix on and discovered Once Upon A Time on her newly added list. We watched the show from series one and it was great watching it again. But now I am up to the end of series 4, so I need a new fix :/

Current Addiction
I have started to watch Charmed with Tilly, who is 5. The older girls watched it when they were little and its nice for Tilly to watch it now. Although it can be a bit scary, she understands the difference between real and pretend, she knows that this is acting. Its fun to watch it with Kim again like we did when she was younger.

I wish that Law and Order SVU was on Netflix, i like the american crime programmes like this and I wish they would put NCIS on there as well as the modern Hawaii Five-0. I also wish you could download the programmes like you can with Amazon Prime as then you could use Netflix on the go, A godsend for people like us that travel alot.

Pet Peeve
Horseland - OMG do you know how annoying the programme is? I had never heard of it before Tilly found it on Netflix. Mother Goose Club, Its all singing and just a bit weird (Kim's words) Tilly watches this alot and has the volume turned up loud so we have to listen to the singing too.

Marathon Essentials
A beanbag or bed to be comfy in, Pepsi Max (red bull for all night marathons) A lock on your bedroom door (Kims contribution to this list). Crisps and dip with a side order of chocolate.

What's on Your Watch List?
Once Upon A Time, Justin Time (some kids programme) Bo On The Go (no idea what this is). I do get a bit embarrassed when I think about what shows on my Facebook account as its connected to it and I can imagine people thinking 'Vicky is watching Horseland again' but that is the joy of having a child using your kindle - Kim your 23 now, stop using my Netflix account!

You Should Watch...
Horseland ....... Joke, Avoid that programme like the plague! Once Upon A Time, I love programmes like Orphan Black, Homeland and Grimm. I would recommend 24, Its fab to watch in a binge watch over a few days.

I now tag


  1. I am a huge OUAT fan! I was gutted when I had finished all 4 seasons and now have to wait for what seems like forever for the next season! Thank you for the tag x x x

    1. We love it, sadly Tilly is too little to watch it but she would of loved the Elsa parts xx


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