Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Mummy Diaries - Half Way Through.

Me and Nathan went for our 20 week scan the other day, excited about finding out the gender and seeing our bundle of joy again, neither of us slept overly well, due to the sheer excitement. Nathan's mother came to the hospital with us, but because the doctor was feeling really grumpy, she wasn't allowed with us, although the midwife had previously said it would be okay.

I laid down on the bed and the nurse put the cold jelly on my belly and started looking for baby. She spent a long time looking at the baby's heart, which was making me paranoid because it felt like FOREVER....... She then asked if we would like to know the gender....well of course we did!

She started looking between the legs, and after spending what felt like 10secs on it, she said she couldn't get a clear image, so she got me to roll over and she tried again........ this time the umbilical cord was directly in between babies legs - typical! Being stubborn like mummy. 

The nurse said that because she couldn't see any male gentials she said its more likely to be a girl, which made us happy, but WE are still stuck in limbo, because its not clear confirmation - therefore we cant buy pink or blue yet. We've spoken about looking into a private scan, because we can't wait 19 or so weeks to see what gender our darling baby is.

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