Friday, 10 April 2015

My Own Fairy Door - Hours Of Imagination With Your Child

With Tilly its all about fairies and imagination, its all about magic and fairy dust. She is afterall a 4 year old with the most amazing imagination. When we heard about  we just had to have a Fairy door. Otherwise how else will the tooth fairy get in the house when the time is right? The doors stick to your skirting board or wall and you leave a key out for the fairy to move in.  Once the fairy has moved in, you get some gold fairy dust to sprinkle around, this then makes the fairy come to life for your child. This was how our house looked before the fairies moved in.

I love nothing more than encouraging Tilly to use her imagination and when our Fairy door arrived we put it on a shelf so that she could see it and have it decorated, without anything getting in the way. Over night we popped the door up and left the key in the door, ready for the fairies to arrive. Amazingly as Tilly slept the fairies moved in and left fairy dust everywhere. Sadly Miss Tilly was disappointed to not see them but she waited in anticipation for something to happen. She had to wait two days before the fairies finally came back and decorated their new home. She came home from school to find Fairy letterboxes, flowers and grass surrounding the door way. There was even a lady bug on the door - I don't think I have ever heard Tilly scream in excitement as much as she did last Friday.

MyOwnFairy offer a range of different fairy doors and even some for boys, You can buy optional extras to keep the fun alive with your children too. When you order a fairy door it comes with a letter from the fairies and the box itself comes with the door of your choice, glitter and the magic key.

The Fairy door is £19.99 and comes with one pack of fairy dust, but if you wish to buy more, you can get it for £4.99 for a 3 pack. The stickers to decorate your little fairy area are £7.99 and the Stepping stones are £3.50 a pack. You can have many hours of imaginative fun with your child! pop over to the website now to see the selection of doors they have. 

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