Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I Am Looking For A BritMums Sponsor, Can You Help?

My blog is just over 2 years old and the reason I started it was I was slowly recovering from severe PND after Tillys birth. I wanted to take something negativein my life and turn it into something really positive and in writing my blog, I believe I have achieved this as well as bringing mental health awareness into the open.

In order for my blog to grow and to help me reach my full potential and audience I am looking at attending a few blogging events this year. One being Britmums, Possibly the biggest blogging event on the calendar. Where bloggers come from all over the country and connect with each other and to connect with brands. This event takes place in June in London and It will enable me to get advice on growing my blog, This will mean that my words are going to reach more people, Especially as I know if one person can read a blog post, they will share it on their social media and that could reach ten readers, who share.

To attend events like this it costs money for the ticket, the train and the overnight accommodation so I am hoping to secure some sponsors to help along the way. To attend Brit Mums it is going to cost over £200 and unfortunately I cant raise the funds by myself.

In return I can offer you one of my exclusive package of advertisements, which can include blog posts, social media promoting and/or promoting at the event in the way of having business cards with your logo and company details on it. Please pop over to my blog to see my packages on offer. Does this sound like anything that would be of benefit to you?

My Blog reaches a good audience (Figures available on request) and I feel like This could be a real benefit to someone who is looking for some advertisement within the Lifestyle/Family network and you wont be disappointed if you choose us.

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