Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Honey Monster Puffs A Healthy Cereal For Kids

In recent years there has been quite a big backlash against sugary and unhealthy cereals, many parents these days would prefer their children to have a breakfast they believe to be healthy and nutritious. Therefore Sugar Puffs have decided to rebrand their cereal now calling it Honey Monster Puffs. It contains 8% less sugar and 20% more honey then the previous recipe while continuing to offer the same great taste that people love. Honey Monster Puffs also contains no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and is a good source of fibre.

Due to the new recipe Honey Monster Puffs will contain 8.6g of sugar (approximately a cube and a half) in a 30g portion. Comparably some other leading cereals contain 11g of sugar (more than 2 cubes) per potion. Therefore Honey Monster Puffs could now be a healthier option for parents in comparison to other cereals.

Honey Monster Puffs will still have the Honey Monster on the front of the packaging as this is character that is not only well loved by parents and children, its also the character that we grew up with . The new packaging will also contain the traffic light colour system on the nutritional information on the front. This means that parents can clearly and quickly see the basic information means that parents do not need to spend time looking for this information.

For more information or to see the new adverts visit the Honey Monster Puffs website at www.honeymonster.co.uk

Written By Kimberley hall-Newman

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