Thursday, 30 April 2015

B. Sweet Illuminating Serum Exclusive to Superdrug

Isn't this a fun name? Serums are important for hydrating your skin and for helping us to fight the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, so to have a serum that doubles as a highlighter is great. You can apply it before your foundation, you can apply it after your foundation or you can mix it with your foundation to give you an extra glow. Once you apply it to your face you instantly notice how illuminated it looks. The base of your make up is important as it is the foundation of your skin make up, If you don't have a good base on, then it doesn't matter how good the rest of your make up looks, because the base lets it down.

So adding this highlighting serum means your on the right track to a great base.

The bottle is cute and it contains a clear liquid with little pink particles of ‘popping candy’ (this doesn't actually pop when its on your face). When you squeeze down the top of the bottle the pink particles start to squash and mix in with the clear serum, this gives you the illuminating serum to apply to your face. This product is again exclusive to superdrug and will cost you £14.99.

My skin looks much more illuminated, but sadly the photo doesn't do it justice, The illumination is natural and you could wear it as an everyday serum if you wish.

You can buy it at and as usual with all
Superdrug products it offers the 100% money back garrentee and is vegatarian/vegan friendly as it isnt tested on animals and none of the ingredients are tested on animals

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