Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A Fragrance With A Difference With The Library Of Fragrance, Thunderstorm Cologne And Baby Powder Cologne.

As I work on a fragrance counter for Superdrug you can imagine the excitement that I felt when I was approached by The Library Of Fragrance to try out their new range of fragrances.

I was sent a bottle of Baby Powder Fragrance for women and Thunderstorm Fragrance for men. Strange fragrance choices, Eh? But how many of us have said in the past that there is nothing better than the smell of a new baby? Well, The Library Of Fragrance has taken our favourite smells and bottled them for us.

The Baby Powder fragrance brings out our maternal and caring side. It brings back memories of when we were little or precious memories of when our kids were babies. I am sure I have said in the past that I wish I could bottle the smell, well here it is. It is a well-known fact that people buy a fragrance as it is a memorable smell to them. The fragrance is available in Boots and costs £15 for 30ML
.For the Men we have Thunderstorm and it is exactly what it says on the bottle. It is a fragrant fresh thunderstorm smell. You know that smell you get when you open your front door in a thunderstorm and you can smell the rain on the concrete and on the garden? Well that is the smell you get with this fragrance. Again available at boots for £15 for 30ML.

Why not pop down to boots and try it out for yourself. if you like it you can vote for it on here as one of the top fragrances in The Fragrance Foundation People's Choice award.

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