Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Guest Post by Liana-Melissa Allen And Giveaway

Horse Valley is a magical world predominately made up of horses who act like humans. It is an innocent, childlike world that deals with realistic situations, but with a simplistic nature. Since second grade I have written and drawn about Horse Valley because of my love for horses. These horsey characters went with me everywhere, like a beloved teddy bear. I would draw cartoons about their adventures, always drawing in the little blue bird following the characters wherever they went.

Horse Valley is not only important to me because it's a fun journey into another world, but it helps me see the positive side of things as I grow older. I'd have a rough day at school, and then I would draw a cartoon about Max or Lax experiencing something similar, but dealing with it in a comical way, and it would always make me feel better. My characters even aided me in all my learning experiences at school because I would draw them on my flashcards to help me study for a test. Horse Valley was my home away from home, and it still is like that to me.

Horse Valley came about after watching the Dreamworks movie, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, which sent me galloping into the realm of horses. Yep, I was that girl at school. The obsessed horse lover that can never stop talking about horses. When I was little, I would “gallop” around neighing and snorting, and even tried to eat grass once because I had a crazy idea that it would transform me into a horse. I took horse-back riding lessons and day-dreamed about owning a horse of my own. It was a blissful dream that died a little when I realized how much money it takes to own a horse and that I didn't have the time to devote to it either. This saddened me, but I never lost my love for horses, and in a way it made me more devoted to drawing and writing about Horse Valley.

To me, Horse Valley is my fantastical place where the characters never grow up. It's like my own personal Neverland. It's a place that never loses its innocence and wonder, and no matter what's happening in the real world, Horse Valley always remains constant and true...much like Disneyland, except I can go there for free!

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