Monday, 2 March 2015

Dip And Decorate Kit From Wilton

We were lucky enough to be sent the Wilton Dip-n-Decorate Essentials Set available in Hobbycraft to try out at home, Now we love cake pops in our house and they are fun to create too. Once your cake pops are cooked and cooled down, you can add the sticks included in the set. A great tip to keep the sticks on the cake pops is to add a small amount of melted chocolate to the tip of the stick and then insert it into the cake pops, this avoids runaway cake pops.

Firstly pop your cooled cake pops into the cake pop stand and melt your cooking chocolate or candy melts in the silicone dipping tray. The silicone tray is fully microwavable, so just pop it in the microwave for the allocated time on the packet. Once the candy melts or Chocolate have melted you can then start dipping your cake pops in. Once dipped, you then put the cake pops back in the stand to cool down again in preparation for decorating. For the purpose of the review, we decorated some cake pops in a few different ways. We added white chocolate on top of milk chocolate and we added sprinkles to some of them. 

To use icing or chocolate to decorate the cake pops its easy. The kit comes with icing bags and tips so all you do is cut the tip off the icing bag and attach your chosen tip. then hold the top of the bag closed and squeeze. When we were decorating the cake pops we decorating the cake pops, we found it easier to have someone to rotate the stick whilst another person decorated. You don't even need to use the piping bag that comes with the set. After you have put the melted chocolate or candy melts around your cake pop, simply dip it into a topping like sugar strands or other sweet toppings.
I did like the  Wilton Dip-n-Decorate Essentials Set because when we have made cake pops in the past we have had to turn them upside down on the side, this gives them a flat top but using the stand I was able to stand the cake pops up and the dry downwards. Although make sure that the covering isn't too runny, Otherwise it will drip down the stick and make a mess! The set didn't come with an instruction book or sheet, which would of been beneficial for someone who is a learner or new to the whole idea of cake/sweet decorating. There was a scoop that I didn't know how to use, but there are some instructions on the back of the box.

The set is perfect if you want to make some cake pops with your children or as a fun girly evening, You could even use the Dip-N-Decorate after a romantic meal. You can also use the Wilton Dip and Decorate Set with fruit to make an alternative snack. Simply dip some fruit into melted chocolate and enjoy, like we did.

The set is perfect if you want to make some cake pops with your children or as a fun girly evening. You can also use the Wilton Dip-n-Decorate Set with fruit to make an alternative snack, Simply dip some fruit into melted chocolate and enjoy.
The set is available from Hobby craft for £20 and comes with all you need to start decorating your cake pops and anything else you wish to decorate. In the set you get:
  • Two Tips, 
  • Six Decorating Bags, 
  • 12 Lollipop Sticks, 
  • One Stand, 
  • One Coupler, 
  • One Cap, 
  • One Drzzling Scoop, 
  • One Melting Container, 
  • 12 Bags and 12 Ties.
More bags, sticks and ties can be bought here and candy melts can be bought here.

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