Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Reading Fairy Stories With Tilly And MyOwnFairy.com

I am the first to admit that I don't read enough to Tilly, mainly because she has the attention of a flea! I read loads with the older children but these days with Dvds and TV on Demand being so freely available, its so much easier to pop your child in front of the TV and with so many working parents being so tired to read when they come home from work and the last thing they want to do is read a book. I think we often forget how important it is to read to or with our children. It not only opens their imagination to another world all the time but it helps them to learn to read. I am the first one to admit we don't read enough at home. So this week as its half term I have made it my mission to read at least one book a day With Tilly.

One book we are reading is an online book written by My own Fairy’s Founder Laura Nelson, Its called ‘Through The Fairy Door', and was launched via Facebook and the website (MyOwnFairy.com) chapter-by-chapter online from Sunday 15th February, to tie in with half-term and encourage parents and children to spend time in the holidays reading together. We are following the story of Rowena and her adventures with the fairies. ‘Through The Fairy Door’ is a ten chapter story that follows a little girl’s first encounter with her fairy and follows her adventure through the magical world of Fairyland. The tale answers key questions from fairy lovers including what fairies do and what fairy dust is used for.
My Own Fairy creates little wooden fairy doors, which can be placed in a special or secret corner of the home, so that children can invite a fairy to live with them and develop their creative play and imagination. It helps to encourage them to believe in fairies and helps answer questions like 'How do fairies get in the house?' Most of us have a key for Santa at Christmas, so why not get a door for the fairies to get in at night.

Pop over to www.myownfairy.com to look at their range of doors and to read the story, Enjoy the magical moment reading with your child. The Doors cost £19.99 from the Fairy Shop section of the website.

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