Tuesday, 10 February 2015

How To Flirt With The School Of Romance From Notonthehighstreet.com

Valentines day is just around the corner and all we seem to hear these days is how Romance is dead, In England we have this great British reserve and we don't show how much we love or adore someone as much as we would if we were French or even Russian. On  February 14th many of us will try and shake off the British reserve and celebrate with gestures of romance
These days many people date online, whether they are too busy to go out and date or too shy to make the first move and go out and flirt with people. The dating game has certainly evolved with the help of apps such as Tindr, Grindr and Happn,  but has the art of courtship? We can get the dates no problem, but have we mastered the art of old fashioned romance?

Even if we are in a long term relationship, how many of us still flirt with our partners?

When it comes to romance, current times could be perceived as somewhat sparse. A swipe to right on an app is surely no match for a smile across a tube carriage or the joy of maintaining eye contact with the attractive newbie in the accounts department
However, it’s a fact that over 9 million single men and women in the UK now flirt behind a screen. The valuable art of face­to­face romance and seduction is dying out fast, leading to Brits finding it increasingly difficult to approach someone that has caught their eye or keep the passion alive in their romances.

notonthehighstreet.com, is bringing back the art of romance with the launch of their School of Romance. It is hosted by the lovely Cate McKenzie, international love coach and psycho-sexual therapist, the workshops will go back to basics by looking at men and women’s flirting behavior and habits, how guests should approach securing dates face to face, how they’d like to be approached by that flirty someone and how people in relationships can get back to courtship and reinstate flirtation and romance. I was lucky enough to be invited to one of these School of Romance sessions in  London and Although I felt awkward when I first arrived, I left feeling slightly more confident and ready to flirt.

I know that it takes a lot to get a mans attention and to look into their eyes to let them know your interested, After all if a man looks at you across a crowded bar, its easier to look away than make eye contact, and then you think to yourself, why is that man staring at me? Does my face look bad? Is my dress tucked into my knickers? (or is that just me?) when in reality the man is looking at you because he is interested in flirting with you. If you don't feel confident with flirting in a bar, why not add it to your every day life? Try complimenting people on what they wear, compliment complete strangers on their hair or scarf. Not only does this give you confidence talking to strangers but it will also make them feel good too, hopefully leading to a conversation.
We all left the school feeling confident, flirty and ready to take the plunge whether they are single and ready to mingle, or involved and just want to add some spice.

The Art Of Flirting Workshop is available from Notonthehighstreet.com for £14 and the voucher has a 12 month expiry from when you buy it, so you can buy it for valentines day but choose a date for later in the year to use it. Once you have purchased your voucher it will be sent by email and you have it instantly, so it makes a perfect last minute gift for yourself. 

The classes run every 2 months and you simply book onto the one you would like to do. Speaking from a person view, I fell in love with the way Cate was with everyone, She is so down to earth and so confident in the class. She helps you to feel at ease if your nervous and everyone gets to join in with her. 

So what are you all waiting for? get over and buy your voucher, whether your in a couple or single EVERYONE needs to flirt.

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  1. Flirting school? I heard it all now lol although i do know a few who could use it x


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