Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Ramblings Of A Pregnant Mummy - Finding Out We Were Pregnant

My Name is Bethany, I am Child Number 3 of Vicky and welcome to the world of my Pregnancy.

We were really shocked when we first discovered we were pregnant, and to be honest i was so scared about telling my parents. I knew that although my mum had children around my age, in these modern days, it actually seemed that people were waiting will they were older to start a family.After discussing the situation, we actually discovered how excited and nervous we were about the fact we were going to be parents.
I didn't actually have to tell my mum about me being pregnant, she just knew, which freaked me out, because we've never been especially close, so the fact she knew i was pregnant, actually made me quite happy.
I've made the decision to move to Gloucester to live with my partner, its been a tough decision, but raising a child over a distance is just impossible. I do wake up some days and wonder why? I cant imagine my life without my family, but especially Tilly, the closest of my siblings. But then i think, every bird has to spread there wings, and every child has to move on. I'm not leaving forever, and i certainly wont say goodbye to my family, because this isn't a goodbye its a see you later, an ill be back before you notice.

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  1. Ah bless, congratulations! You're not far from me now, we are in Worcestershire. Gloucestershire is a lovely area, I'm sure you will love it there.x


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